Sunday, August 13, 2017

Close to Truth

सच को जानने के लिए जीतना नज़दीक गया, पता  चला कि सच केवल मेरा रह गया - specific , particular | अब इस सिमित  सत्य के साथ  चलूँ  या की जो initial condition था, यानि कि पूर्ण सत्य से कुछ या ज्यादा  दूरी - वहीं रहूँ | यात्रा अपरिपूर्ण की ही है |  इसलिए पराजय ही लक्ष्य है अथ्वा नियति | 

Monday, September 16, 2013

As far as it goes - III

As far as it goes - III

 My English Grammar is not good. Though I don't think I am that bad at Formal Syntax ( Formal Systems, Context Free Grammar ... ). However to understand text properly and precisely, so that I can help Computers comprehend Natural Languages, I planned to read English Grammar. I am keeping myself at introductory level. Learning Grammar in every detail is a long journey, and when we go through minute details of it, we cover a very wide field of Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy and Psychology.

Okay, so I started with Richard Hudson's English Grammar book, and I found it quite enjoying one.

RainCoat is one of the finest movies I have ever seen. I feel solace in the following poetic rendition by Gulzaar Saab.

Kisi mausam ka jhonka tha
Jo is deewar pe latki hui tasveer tirchee kar gaya hai
Gaye saawan mein ye deewarein seeli nahi theen
Na jaane is dafa kyon in mein seelan aa gayi hai
dararein pad gayi hain aur seelan is tarah bahti hai jaise
Khushk rukhsaaron pe geele aansoon chalte hain. ..
hawa ki sans kiyun sehmi hui hai
meri waqif ki thi jab aati thi kamray main
meray seenay main bhar jati thi
jaisay badbaan bhartay hain kishti ke

Ye baarish gungunati thee
isi chat ki munderon pe
ye baarish gungunati thee isi chat ki munderon pe
ye ghar ki khidkiyon ke kaanch par
ungli se likh jaati thee sandese
bilakhti rahti hai baithi hui
ab band roshandanon ke peetche
Dophaharein aisi lagti hain
bina mohron ke khali khane rakhhein hain
na koi khelne waala hai baazi
aur na koi chaal chalta hai
Na din hota hai na ab raat hoti hai
sabhi kuch ruk gayaa hai
wo kya mausam ka jhonka thaa
jo is deewar pe latki hui tasveer tirchee kar gaya hai. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

As far as it goes - II

As far as it goes - II

No Indian Universities in Top

This was in news today. Multiple reasons can be cited :
  1. Universities are not building theoretical models (abstractions). Innovations are not backed by rigor.
  2. Service sector lacks innovation. There is too much emphasis on business.
  3. Lack of competition these days. IIT JEE entrance examinations have degraded. Seats in IITs were refused. Similar was the condition with NITs and other State funded engineering colleges.
  4. Too much emphasis is on testing and monotonous work in offices.
  5. They have spoiled regular science education. Quality of regular universities is even worse.
  6. Lack of Scientific temperament in Indian diaspora persists. Scientific thought and relevant think tanks are absent.

Darwin's note on Marriage

Now even he was not sure. You read it over here for your own pleasure:

An excerpt (When Marry):

My[17] God, it is intolerable to think of spending ones
whole life, like a neuter bee, working, working, &
nothing after all.— No, no won’t do.— Imagine living
all one’s day solitarily in smoky dirty London House.—
Only picture to yourself a nice soft wife on a sofa with
good fire, & books & music perhaps— Compare this
vision with the dingy reality of Grt. Marlbro’ St.
Marry—Mary—Marry Q.E.D.,

Social Mathematics

I was studying Mathematical Sociology and came up with following three links:
Some of the pictures in the last blog made me quite ecstatic.  I am just putting link to an image on this website:

I am not sure whether there is some finer formalism behind these diagrams or not. But then it appears quite logical and with flow.