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Socialism in 21st Century

Individualism is getting prominence. We were comparing small families and nuclear families, but suddenly Individualism has erupted. There are many affairs which are pure State affairs, many are not. One of them is Socialism. If Socialism in India has failed to some (good) degree then probably one of the reason was delimiting the scope of Socialism to state. It was not practised at the level of Individual. Or at least there never have been any any larger programme which would educate and groom masses about the aspects of Socialism. Probably when my study grows more on this matter, I can answer better. I am putting one article here about Socialism in 21st Century :-

Socialism is the political expression of the principle of human inter-dependence. It embodies the idea that as members of the human-race, we are all essentially responsible for one another: we have an obligation of mutual support and share a reciprocal bond which binds us tog…

Exiting IM World

Got too much bored of Instant Messengers. :) And thus I am quitting that world, the world of Instant Messengers. Some of my IM friends will think that I have blocked them, which is not true, as I think blocking anybody is a kind of cheat. Altogether it was six years of enjoyable tryst with IMs, but then for sometime I felt some kind of suffocation in using them, some kind of psyhcological suffocation.
My orkut account and facebook account is just useless one. You can contact me over my gmail id ( and yes I will never quit blog world. Till then, bbye.

The Terror Time

That development and usage of technology has good degree of parallelism is something that cannot be thoroughly refuted. However should technology and also science in the general sense be the chief elements of development, is something to be analyzed. Of the organizing factors of a society or a country at larger scale, the struggle for power whether it is religious in nature or whether it has to do with ownership of state and at the same time struggle for better life by individuals, effectively shape the problem statement for the masses. Any imbalance on any side asks for chaos. To solve the problem amicably a good standards of social, religious and political engineering must be practised.
What happened in Mumbai, the 26/11, is actually a collapse of or in some sense absence of any kind of engineering that should happen at global level. But the chief question that arises -- whether any such engineering is possible or not ? United Nations, which is now over 60 years old, very partially a…


Red Rose. Red rose, with its glowing redness, sweetness -- for sweetness comes along with the act of perceiving rose's metaphor. Mild breeze and the rose plant. Shining summer day and the rose plant. Days, every passing days and the rose plant. Smiling, giggling roses on the rose plant. The idea of roses gain prominence over the existence of the rose plant. But roses die! Small black lines inscribe it. Roses die! But who suffers the seclusion out of this death -- the plant which lives the life of rose, or the one who imagines the metaphor of rose ? The thought that emanates from the occlusion of a tender flower, the thought that suffers the tyranny of death of flower; how much that thought is cared of ? Roses die. The perceiver of beauty of a rose caught by the emotion of death of rose suffers. Moves. Moves, but frequent honing of the aura of rose plant calls him. For there is a thought that the plant will remedy his vision. For he prays to God for the days. But the next time,…

My BlogoSphere

Well I have been lazy towards my blogs for last three months, and I think cause of this laziness have been laziness itself, ;-). Here is the simple planout:- ( this one ) -- will be my personal blog. I will behave like human beings, in this blog. -- will be my programming language blog. It is still in edit mode. So please wait for few more days. :( -- my science blog. I will not behave like human beings on this blog. ;)Thats all !


Some Clips:-

George Fernandes Interview by KaranThapar -- KaranThapar in his TV programme, Devil Advocate , intrigued George Fernandes over all possible issues. And when KaranThapar interviews some one, it appears like -- "stupid,.. ANSWER my question". GerogeFernandes had his great glorious day, when in those days his oratory and administrative role matched best of the country. But then the JayaJaitley case, the coffin scam and his constrained relationship with his party members; made him just a symbolic figure of his past. George is now 78, and in the above mentioned interview he appeared unconscious, fighting with himself to utter single words and his health appeared poor. Often Karan had to put letters in his mouth. It did not appear a fair debate. Actually it appeared cruel. A person who was once pitted as possible PM after Vajpayee, who is no DeveGowda no Lalu, though he could have easily got cool-nice power positions for himself, should not be treated in such mann…

Does modern India have a mind of its own ?

In his Prime Ministerial tenure, Mr. AtalBihariVajpayee, during a poetic consortium gave an elegant statement -- "development in our main aim ... it is another matter, how much and what kind of development is needed". The last phrase of his statement had poetic touch, in fact it has sensible essence, but this statement could not enter debate rooms, and I never found any serious national debate on this matter. The definitions of development has philosophical rhetoric but there should be well defined notions about it. Or, the issue of development is very personified, and a society or a country should not be bothered about this matter if it succeeds in granting full scope for respective development for its individuals. Perhaps, this will not meet litmus test of purists or even average analysts.
What are the potential candidates for the identification of development trends of a country? Is it finance, education, good moral value of public, religious purity, business, big industr…

Virtual Life --- Introduction ( Part II )

In my last post, I touched a few of the notions associated with "Machines". It can happen that a reader who is not acquainted with theoretical world of Computer Science, would be confused or may feel the treatment too abstract. I will like to post on "Virtual Life" in philosophical sense, with almost no use of domain oriented technical terms. Subject matter should be clear to a High School pass out!
"Virtual life" certainly requires some concrete definition. However, for the time being, we will identify it as an element which does modification to our life, because of the presence of machines. But what "Machines" actually are? Again, no definition, and I am just citing examples of some machines:-
My fan, television, and this laptop are machines.So is yahoo messenger, GTalk or IRC ( Internet Relay Chat).Big Brother or Big Boss reality TV series. The conception behind these TV series is that participants are put together in a house for few days, and …

Virtual Life -- Introduction ( Part I )

One of the elevators in my company ( it has five floors) has certain problem in its floor-indicator. Some time it keeps showing 0 digit only, some time it goes to 0-1-2, and then it sticks to 2. However, there are times when it shows no problem. I don't know exactly what kind of logical mechanism ( is it based on sensors; some kind of speedometer is used or crossing a level gives some information to the system ) assists the floor indicator, nevertheless I, like any other person, can point out that the system has got into problem. However, the observation that the system is not indicating digits correctly, does not mean that that its logical fabric is completely torn out, rather the sections of the floor-indicator which decides on changing indicating values, may not be getting correct values through the assisting physical mechanism( sensors/speedometer/? ). In retrospect, a common presumption about any machine we have seen is that their logical fabric remains intact, provided the…

Taare Zameen Par

tu dhoop hain jham se bikhar

tu hai nadee o bekhabar

beh chal kahin ud chal kahin

dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahin

My soul said, thank you! Thank you Amir Khan, Thank You Prasoon Joshi, Thank You Amole Gupte ... and above all Thank You Darsheel Safary. Taare Zameen Par is my kind of movie. And since I really care about it, I will not compare it with Black or RDB, LRMB.
Taare Zameen Par is the movie where the tears are not just emotional, they will also clean up your soul.
A New Year Has come. Dear Blog Friends, a very happy new year to all of you. Help me, in becoming a good human being. Thank you very much, thank you dear brother Rahul and dear sister Anisha for your patience and calmness; thank you dear sister Nandi for some of your nice points, thank you Abhinav for your phones, thank you world.
I will be very very active in blogosphere, this is my single pledge!!!