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There are Economic models which can be used to ascertain Society's Economic state.There are aspects of Computational Sociology which can model how Society behaves. Basically these are computational aspects, involving one or other kind of Mathematical models. But irrespective of absence or presence of these methodologies, Human Beings have this uncanny habit to guess - "Are the moral values of Society changing", "Whether a given religious setup is better than other".

Man has the habit to derive and predict. But these all aspects begin with a prologue. Creation of the prologue is in itself has deductive and inductive nature. But then it is more or less an area of crude experiments, it is like unprocessed resource. This is the area of creativity. Now are there methodologies to create prologue is a question which is on the common boundaries of Psychology, Philosophy and Logic. This is narrow area of a river where the current is high. And as there can be Psychologi…