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What Hooks me Crooks me !

Am of the idea; to evolve the jungle. Jungle with Cheetah and Bison. Jackals and Fox. Cobra and Pythons. Doves and Eagles. The fully evolved Jungle. Greenish everywhere and no one knows others mind; yet everybody suspects there is some rule, some law. Some law of appearance and disappearance. Some law of violence and negotiations. Of handshakes and pranks. In the due course of judgment Pigeons and Peacock meet, Lions and Tigers talk; they all meet, they try to find the rules. They estimate the effectiveness and universality of the rules and so they create rules, rules of rules, rules of rules of rules, and then this hierarchy suddenly collapses to rules. ... Then the Chimpanzee says - the wisdom of thoughts does come only from those rules which lack any element temperamental to the sudden visuals of the Jungle. The rules of Jungle are from outside.