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So how was my Birthday on 28th July

I will not say that I do not give special attention to my birthdays. Specially, I take some resolutions, some aims ...and, though resolutions do break ... but aims, interestingly always get accomplished(well my aims are not so heroic kinda). This time, I planned to celebrate my birthday myself. Actually, my brother who stays with me, was at home (my hometown) and my birthday was on Saturday this time, so I planned something new for my own goodness.
The first thing that came to my mind was to release my project "Tarang", which is one of my three personal, open source projects that I have planned to work on for rest of my life. Well "Tarang" is quite a bit technical at this stage, and at present it will be comprehensive to developers only. I chose 12O'clock, (the usual birthday bashing time) for its release. And yes, finally I released it ... I really felt nice at that moment --- it was not that I have submitted it at BOOST, or I have completely released it in…