Monday, August 20, 2012


There are Economic models which can be used to ascertain Society's Economic state.There are aspects of Computational Sociology which can model how Society behaves. Basically these are computational aspects, involving one or other kind of Mathematical models. But irrespective of absence or presence of these methodologies, Human Beings have this uncanny habit to guess - "Are the moral values of Society changing", "Whether a given religious setup is better than other".

Man has the habit to derive and predict. But these all aspects begin with a prologue. Creation of the prologue is in itself has deductive and inductive nature. But then it is more or less an area of crude experiments, it is like unprocessed resource. This is the area of creativity. Now are there methodologies to create prologue is a question which is on the common boundaries of Psychology, Philosophy and Logic. This is narrow area of a river where the current is high. And as there can be Psychological perspective, so there can be controversies.

But, any ways, yesterday (19th Oct), I was part of a grouping whose nature can be said to be like that of family grouping. Now in parallel to what is happening around you, you may like to abstract out how people communicate. This is not about the content of talk, it is more about how people introduce new topics, how they talk about those topics, how they substantiate their assertions, how they relate many a thing and also how they conclude. This kind of abstraction can be called meta-talk or stylishly MetaTalk.  Undoubtedly there were people there who were quite knowledgeable in terms of  introducing topics and communicating about them. Perhaps a mature talk. Nevertheless "MetaTalk" is not an impossibility.

These "MetaTalk" have following ingredient :=> (a) Start Communicating (b) Introduce Topics (c) Possibly discuss on topics non-intrusively (d) People gradually and vaguely conclude. Now the element (d) does not come in free. One needs to follow the process. (d) is what can be part of prologue I introduced above.

This sounds too trivial for we Human Beings. But wait, its formalism and also representation in computing system is way tougher. And however easy it might appear, any model of Computational Sociology and anyone who studies this area must keep track of (a)-(d); and should silently represent them in the system.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 1 : 1:30 AM

These days I almost sleep by 2 to 3 AM. Some days it even went to 4 AM. I wonder and people may not believe, I was the same person who used to protest in hostel in his first year, to be allowed to turn of the light by 10 PM! Part of this overstretching may be attributed to Internet. Not sure, how many others have slipped into same kind of habit. Nevertheless Internet is a kind and knowledgeable friend. And though I could see that it might make people more non socializing, mechanical or may infuse monotonicity in behavior; but it is boon for those are forced (say directly or indirectly) to remain reclusive. Kind of survival factor.

Any ways, I will start writing more and more on this blog. Will restart the "Day #" series. And will try to put what happened on the day. Sort of Diary.

Raj Kapoor's birthday was on 2nd June. I had the chance to go through his interview on BBC. I must say he overall presents a great personality, his Voice is unhurried, calm I was quite attentive towards this interview.

In between I tried to concentrate on Thomas Heath's Euclid book. I did concentrate, but did not progress much. I have read this book may be six or seven times, yet I wanted to further into details of tussle between Aristotle and Plato on various Geometrical definitions. Again in this book I met the word "Monad",  and then since I paused, and felt the word is quite multilayered and an expansion of it would require perseverance. It will be interesting if I could expand on the meaning of this word, and hopefully write on it in this blog. Though you may like to jump to wiki.

Interestingly, an another question that came to my mind, was regarding culture of this city, - Bangalore. Does it possess anything which can be said cultural to it? I do not know precise meaning of the term "Cosmopolitan", yet is Bangalore a Cosmopolitan city?

Perhaps we have become too clever, and we all have answers for everything. So may be my above question may appear like irritation out of something being repetitive.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What I am not sure of ?

What I am not sure of ?

I am not sure of what one human being wants from other one. I am confused. I do not know how much importance is given to the virtue of being humble, hardworking, honest and hearing. The mentioned attributes will give you respect, pseudo importance, will put you at some distance from people; yet when you will like to mingle with people it becomes a tougher task.
A new question: how to keep yourself serene?

Last few days of this Cold Season

I am hearing that cold is quite aggravating these days; especially in northern India. However there may not be too many days left for this cold season. During these days because of seasonal changes people are observing health related issues. Quite succinctly, I too have been a victim of the swings in Season. But this is about season which now man has capabilities to measure; what remains indeterminate and enigmatic is the behavior of Human Beings.

Why Man is fallible and fragile is not just because of he has been made so; one of the root causes is, he feels people should be apologetic about their deeds, though his own actions misses virtues of being apologetic.  Part of this lies in the way people are taught about values these days and another part of this lies in lack of readiness to engage with himself. Sense of reading a book and sense of learning it are two senses. Added to it is the fact that to analyze actions Man must make sure that his fundamentals are in place.

These are the questions that are going in my mind. The question of Man's need, desire and willingness and the way he should conduct his life are important ones.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 0: 2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2012 !!!

Wishing you all the success, good health and good life in 2012.

I am now in Bangalore, where I was in Hyderabad earlier (for last three and half years). My memories of Hyderabad is quite rich, and I will like to write more on it. It took lot of effort to adjust to new home. Still some problems are remaining. I should not complain more, for I am finding this home quite relaxing.

First person to visit my home was my Uncle (elder to my father) and aunty. I do not know how much to feel emotional about this visit. For when a machine does a good work, one can say that machine is  emotional or honest about its duties; however seldom such assertions are made. Emotion is a word very much tied to expressive (or impressions which are observed) nature of people. I chosen to not to be emotional, rather kept my thinking on and tried to connect thoughts, discretely. Will express what I thought someday. I am yet immature to express precisely.

Man have no choice but to assume that the conditions of his life are desperate enough to test him, put him for some sort of examination. One can engage with this perspective enumerating life in terms of success, failure, pain or joy. Another perspective is to tell yourself, that, see how intricate this problem is, what are layers of solution for layers of problem; and how much engaging are this intricacies. Man is a machine subject to sequence of problem statements, and he must obey.

Accepting truth is courage. It takes time.