Friday, January 20, 2012

Last few days of this Cold Season

I am hearing that cold is quite aggravating these days; especially in northern India. However there may not be too many days left for this cold season. During these days because of seasonal changes people are observing health related issues. Quite succinctly, I too have been a victim of the swings in Season. But this is about season which now man has capabilities to measure; what remains indeterminate and enigmatic is the behavior of Human Beings.

Why Man is fallible and fragile is not just because of he has been made so; one of the root causes is, he feels people should be apologetic about their deeds, though his own actions misses virtues of being apologetic.  Part of this lies in the way people are taught about values these days and another part of this lies in lack of readiness to engage with himself. Sense of reading a book and sense of learning it are two senses. Added to it is the fact that to analyze actions Man must make sure that his fundamentals are in place.

These are the questions that are going in my mind. The question of Man's need, desire and willingness and the way he should conduct his life are important ones.

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