Friday, March 24, 2006

And There Ends My Academic Career ...

Results have come. I passed this year also with usual mental peace. Finally, after almost twenty years of passages, I have no more usual academic class to go through. There will be no more class tests, no more subjects, no more college projects, no more round making across college campus and yes no more spicy stories. You will tell me, okay you can have PhD yaar, but then I will respond back -- "no more interest". My career was never rosy and also it was never pale, it never made me jump high, but it never made be feel remorsed, it was a typical career of an average Indian student.
I still remember how much it was tough to study Geography in school days and how many times my Father used to mention me exam schedules. I always disliked going to class and I will wonder if my average attendance through out my career will be more than 60%. Well, the white shirt and navy blue short was always boring to wear. I remember the first day when I cheated from my friend the definition of leap year. It was class 4th and still after cheating, I solved the problem in wrong way. I never had luck on my side but then whenever I laboured I got some thing. I think after that cheating incident I once cheated in GK examination in class 8th and then did forgery with Chemistry class test in class 9th. I think after that, I never cheated in my whole career. For a student like me this is enough to get proud of. And I know, nothing else but the frustration on my Father's face when I revealed to him that I cheated in GK examination, prompted me to never cheat. I don't know whether father/mother of new generation children do get angry over their child on these matters or not, but I have found in my own big family that people have started thinking that "money" matters most, "success" matters most. By the way cheating means cheating, please don't make your own personal comfortable definition.
Classes were never interesting. Geometry classes were irrelevant, whole six year period of engineering (undergrad + grad) was suffocating, even the Mathematics class was quite a bit boring, still life went on eating lot of Samosas and gossips. I always thought whether I am correct or the professor is correct. Whether my query is relevant or is it just another question coming from mental pool. I never got any answer. Yeah, now I can firmly say that I could not get any enlightening teacher in my whole career. May be because of my own attitude!!! In the whole engineering career the best enligtening tool that I found is "Computer" and ofcourse a dearsome language called "C" running it. I use to love Mathematics and Physics but I love to talk in C. You will tell me that this sounds quite techie, I will tell you - "No, its poetic."
RBC - rumor broadcasting corporation. I have been an active member of RBC. We used to launch stories across college campus. I was never part of any game, but I always loved people being part of game. Like almost all colleges, we used to launch "Aashiques" , a perfect "bakra" and one of my friend used to tell us -- "Its not like that guys do have crush for girls (to that greater extent), rather friends create a vivid picture that this guy have crush over that girl." And then their comes 14th Feb -

"Majnu where are you going."
"Don't tell any one, am going to gift Laila."

Spice is there. Stories are triggering. Ears are wide. Get,set, go. My god, sometimes it was hard to keep control over smiles. ... Ofcourse one of the job was to break bondages also!!!.
For last three months, I am partially in job. The kind of work I am involved in, has set some limitations over me to meet friends and family members. I still gossip, I still launch stories, but then the joy is somewhat less intense. Result has come and relation with college is only ceremonial.
I am remembering words from Swami Vivekananda - "Utho, jaago aur aage badho. (Wake, Rise and Go Ahead!!!) ... Work, work and Work

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyaar Ko Pyaar Mila ?

Jaane WOH Kaise Log The Jinke Pyaar Ko Pyaar Mila ?
(How were those people whose love got love ?)
Have you heard this song ? Have you seen this movie -- Pyaasa ? ...Ye Dunia Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hain... Pyaasa comes among Indian classics and the intensity of depiction of thoughts in this film is great. You will go with the flow of film (aha the movie is not parallel to the pace with which movie of our genre move) and will start thinking within your life. The title of this post is from one of the songs of this movie.
In the due course of life we think about career, life, power and many other things. We meet people, talk with them, (people analyze them also) and then we move on ... sometimes with "something" ... thoughts, feelings are the primary one. Amitabh Bachchan was questioned -" Do you need friends". Reply -- "We feel nice when friends are there. But I don't need them. I would not have felt bad if there were no friends with me." You will think that this person does not care about Friends, but, no, the fact is that there is some thing else that drives life, that keeps with you, that is their when you are crying or laughing like mad. And that is, loneliness (tanhayi). Layers of thought embedded in the world of loneliness results in creativity alongwith possibly states like ... happiness, sorrow, taste, distaste ... many things.
Life goes on ....
People leave ....
Thought changes ...
... And then in the immense inner pain of unsuccess ( success of that thing is not visible, its not like that your record sells million copies) you sing ... Jaane WOH Kaise Log The Jinke Pyaar Ko Pyaar Mila ?
Someday you awake ... you find people around you ... you can't remedy your time, you feel the gain, the attraction, is futile, and then everything seems to be in a state of loss. You start feeling that ...
Life is a mystery ...
People leave ... why they are coming back ... when time and state has changed.
Thought ... I don't know their meaning ...
And then you sing ... Ye Dunia Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hain (What would have happend if I would have got this world ?)
Life is a saga of loneliness ... if you accept this idea then you will have to face pain, and if you reject this idea, be prepared, someday you will have to accept this idea.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Wake me up at 1:30 P.M.

I am editing this page on Compaq nc6230 Laptop. I basically save my blogs on my personal laptop, nx5100. The Desktop which I am using have RAM size of 256MB(is called small these days) and pumps so much radiation that ...well, I still have to use it, for many applications even if my eyes cry. Notebooks (yes those real pages) are used only in case of immense "research". E-books are getting very user friendly and there are folks who first publish their e-books and only after the book gets enough popularity, it reaches to publishers house. I think, in next 3-4 years (I will not say 10 years) school students will also get laptop for many of their tasks. Well this again seems to be stupid idea ... but ideas are never stupid, rather their implementation becomes stupid. The cost of computers is decreasing regularly and people are seriously involved in increasing the applicability and usability of computers. Time will tell us how IT has ushered in a new revolution in Human History, till now, enjoy!
Undoubtedly, the most attractive feature of this IT revolution is Internet. Computers do talk! Recently, we all saw google talk getting tightly intertwined with gmail ( This means while you are sending mails to your friends you can talk with him to give indirections about how to illustrate content within the mail. One can save chats (now these chats will be saved on servers, we are occupying more space in cyber world also) and can see all mails corresponding to a given chat sequence grouped together. Good work!!!
But see this killing application ... in messenger services (gtalk, yahoo, msn) you will see the present status of the user. It shows the text you put as status using the modules in messenger sevices. Although in Yahoo! the concentration was mostly on chat, but in gmail this feature has got importance. One cause is, gmail is basically a mail service, so you try to look new messages and "status" is one of them. Well so what type of status I have seen so far :-
  1. Went to the class to sleep
  2. Dont know what I am doing (my own)
  3. Dont disturb me, I am chatting
  4. ....
  5. Wake me up at 1:30 P.M.

The last one made me crazy. Now the matter is that how to awake my friend through Interent ... assuming that I dont wanna give miss call, :-). Can we use for these purposes. This time I dont know the right answer. Will tell you about my findings in some other post. But some pertinent questions are

  1. Can mail services do more for us ?
  2. Whether Internet can take care of finer threads of teaching process that goes in schools/colleges. Can search engines automatically enquire the subject matter tought in class, search for other relevant materials, go for finding exam questions :-( , make online slides for these materials, conduct examinations and many other crazy things.
  3. Can we use internet to model Human beings neuron connections. Can we simulate Internet in such a way that it resembles societies, cultures and their interactions.

I know I am jumping around ideas. Nothing new ... ideas are never stupid ... their implementation are ...