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Web Notes - I

1st Feb, 2018


Douglas Hofstadter is well known for his classic - Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. This book was published in 1979, and I purchased it in 2007, perhaps. I was deeply engaged with this book, for an year, and was so inspired by it that I thought to inspire others by gifting them this book. Little did I know that one of the two-three folks, to whom I gifted this book, complained indirectly about weight of this book, hard to carry.  I am yet not sure of fate of those books, I am very unsure whether people really read books -- those who read are of course scarce in number.
Anyways, Douglas is a big person, in the area of Cognitive Science. And I liked his article:
I will summarise his points (better to read his article):  Tools like Google Translate are half-baked. Lack the organelles to "Understand" translation. Beware of the term "Dee…

Scheme for future Posts

Dear Me,

I understand that though laziness may be one of those things that is keeping you away from writing, but somewhere you are afraid that whatever you are writing may lack soul. In the age, where definition of friendship and sense of warm discussion is blurred, it is anyhow hard to put any soul.  Perhaps, this paper, this digital piece, can be of more help. It can provide more solace. So, please, write more, just in the hope that someday soul will arrive, somehow magically.
I have thus thought of posting small or less on this blog. Hope it works.