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Niyativaad ... Niyativaadi

God doesn't hear, so I kept telling to human beings, but human beings left me deserted... My friends often blame me, either for being optimistic or pessimistic ... but there lies an idea of being realisitic. Optimism infuses faith and confidence in people, but slight unsuccess often leads to catastrophe. Pessimistic approach always lacks creativity and has lot of resistance to vision. To keep, balance I often turn towards being realistic. I never made much observations, it is time that has tought me, to not expect much from human beings,-- they may be your friends, family or whoever. It also has tought me to stop thinking about yourself, about your own existence and sometimes about your own happiness. ... These all thoughts have somewhere a linkage with a game called "creativity". For me the status of accepting the situation ("niyati"), is the most courageous act.

Returning Back ...

I could not complete the sequence I have started in my last post. In fact this will be my first post in 2007. I will again keep writing about myself, my naive thoughts and the world I am involved in. It will be hard to continue writing from the point, where I have stopped in my last mail, but the jest is that after submerging my self in complete chaos, I reconfirmed my thought that platonic attitude towards life is though very dry, but it has great protective sense. We all know what life is composed of, what can be the possible forthcoming scenarios, ofcourse, there are lot of strange situations that can possibly evolve, but then still there are always some chance to do usual calculations. The twisting factor is that, though we observe things, neverthless we are element, we are pawn of the whole scenario. Experiments become tricky when we become part of it!