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Taslima Nasreen --- Worthy or Worthless ?

When I am writing these lines, then I hope the reader does not consider my identity. I hope he/she will not compartmentalize me as a feminist or anti feminist, religious or anti-religious. I assume that the reader will read this post with a critical angle, nothing less, nothing more. A humanitarian view point …

Some of the social issues raised by people like Arundhati Roy, Sandeep Panday, Taslima Nasreen and Noam Chomsky have been of great interest to me. Like always, these issues lead towards political situations, which evolve creating new facets of problems. Taslima is some what very distinct in this list, as she can be blamed for being very vocal and regular in media. Each of these people is revolutionary in their own sphere. Noam is of course is par ahead in terms of his contribution towards human kind; he actually stood first in top hundred thinkers of 2005. All of these people have some technical background (medical, architect or engineer); Sandeep Panday is a PhD (Berkeley) and…

Premchand :: Aatmaram

Premchand was one of the finest writer of Hindi Literature. His Stories addressed problems of common people. I am hereby trying to compile Premchand's stories. The sources will be web (where his stories have been presented in highly unorganized fashion) and sometimes I will type the stories. If you want his stories in Roman Script, do mail me. (

आत्माराम : मुन्शी प्रेमचन्द

वेदी ग्राम में महादेव सोनार एक सुविख्यात आदमी था। वह अपने सायबान में प्रात: से संध्या तक ऍंगीठी के सामने बैठा हुआ खटखट किया करता था। यह लगातार ध्वनि सुनने के लिए लोग इतने अभ्यस्त हो गए थे कि जब किसी कारण से बंद हो जाती, तो जान पडता था, कोई चीज गायब हो गई। वह नित्य-प्रति एक बार प्रात:काल अपने तोते का पिंजडा लिए कोई भजन गाता हुआ तालाब की ओर जाता था। उस धुँधले प्रकाश में उसका जर्जर शरीर, पोपला मुँह, झुकी हुई कमर देखकर किसी अपरिचित मनुष्य को उसके पिशाच होने का भ्रम हो सकता था। ज्यों ही लोगों के कानों में आवाज आती- 'सत्त गुरुदत्त शिवदत्त दाता लोग समझ जाते कि भोर हो गई।महादेव का पारिवारिक जी…