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Beginning of Tour - I

It so happened that for VISA interviews I had to go to New Delhi, almost in a chaotic condition. And I discussed this with Ratan, my friend since ages, and of few friends who are in New Delhi. Since VISA interview was on Thursday so it seemed lucrative to take vacation on Friday, and then go for Saturday and Sunday. Altogether four days of vacation, - four days often appears to us who are affixed to daily cycle of job and schedules as good enough to capture every essence of world. Four days, you know ! So my mind flickered with innumerable ideas - from going to Vaishno Devi to Himachal to even to Kathmandu or like North-East of India . Ratan too played his role towards every unsettling; and we both never amply considered the means to travel. Or may be, Ratan just wanted me to stay with him, and see the world the way he perceives. Some people still ascribe some ideology to me and with this presumption they want to alter me. When I am confused about my own ideologies or when I really wo…