Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 4 :: Plato -- The Republic - I

I am reading Desmond Lee's translation of Plato -- The Republic.

And I met this line, somewhat tricky for me:

"Plato sought a cure for the ills of society not in Politics but in philosophy, and arrived at his fundamental and lasting conviction that those ills would never cease until philosophers becomes rulers or rulers philosophers."

It appears from the flow of above line, that Plato's idea of "Philosopher King" is not just an abstraction. However having a Philosopher King does not seem to be a very strange or very particular idea. For it makes sense for the Guardian of a house to observe housemates and rule an appropriate way. Same applies to those who rule society or country. The bigger problem is what should be the way King should learn; and how he deduces or sets up analogy among varied observations. Notion of Philosopher King appears having relation to some axiomatic, deductive and decision making system. If we forget religious concoction, the idea of Philosopher King appears straightaway like a Mathematical abstraction. One may like to draw analogy to the idea of Operating System or some Central System found in the areas of Computing.

In what seems appropriate here is that though how entities compose a system is important; nevertheless abstracting out the governing rules, rules though which governing rules will be altered (lets called it meta-rules) and process of identifying rules or meta-rules is critical. When Plato said that Philosopher King has learning aptitude, then there appears expectation on Philosopher's side that he may have chance to learn something; in the sense that there are stuffs which may not have been learn already. This will be always tricky, for when something is not known to Philosopher and then there is an inherent demand for the mentioned knowledge to be applied for, then will there be any chances of error or creation of inconsistency by the Philosopher.

Will have to read more to further expand the viewpoint that Plato expressed. By introducing the phrase "Philosopher King", Plato for sure is stating something which will undergo multiple layers of expansion.

Day 4

I  earlier planned to direct this blog more along the lines of Philosophy. At this time  I am only aware of Mathematical Logic and its Philosophical context. I thus do not have formal training in the areas of Philosophy. Nevertheless Philosophy as well as Psychology are chief ingredient behind a cohesive society or country. It will be delayed if I do not study this area. I am thus going to study Pages of Kant, Plato, Radhakrishnan, Hegel and many more. While doing so, I will keep logical perspective (the way one keeps it in Mathematics), and I will initially note down terms involved in it. Content of these notes will be always subject to verification.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 3

I inquired again, what space Sin and Virtue creates.  The novel (and movie based on it) Chitralekha came to my cognition. A syndrome gets created when one confuses the domain of Sin and Virtue he is aligned to. True conceptualization of context or circumstance demands analytical approach but people, as always, are not connected, within themselves, at all level.

I made good Brinjal-Potato sabji (vegetable) yesterday; and I left nothing in the container. I was on Twitter for a long time yesterday, and I wondered by what was trending on it in India. Conservatism in India is not by some rule, it is by comfort. You will be confused if you study religious or conservative aspects of people. For people trick notion of their moralistic or religious values. Actually it always make sense to identify the threads of comfort for a human being. And "comfort" could be aligned to "virtues" one seeks for; at the same time Man identifies many a notion/perspective as "Sin". This is a struggle of thoughts, struggle for giving meaning to life.

 This morning ( stupid me, I woke up by 12 PM!!! and I am still calling it morning) I cooked Gobhi-Aloo. It came fine. And yes this time I did not sleep. Last week I slept when I really required to be awaken. You are lucky when you are able to control your routine. I am wondering about my daily routine, and there appears no schedule is in place. If there is routine in place, it is always better.  For your procedures and people are aligned to your common routine. During my childhood days, my father used to make routine for our daily purposes. And it was fun, I always wanted to skip the day on which I have to study Civics or History. These days, I am not sure what Guardians do, but if they think that having some kind of routine is too much of forceful act on their children, then I think that might be incorrect. If they think that omitting routines is a sign of Liberation then it will be only against fundamentals.

Liberation as such is not an old idea, but people, what they call as a Sin, use the same idea, these days, under the name of  Liberation. So say if you are not following some custom you are feeling liberated. When you are divorcing you are feeling liberated. Your studies are more and more based on Computers or Mobiles then you are liberated. You have multiple girlfriends or boy friends then you are liberated. And if you are using long Khaki Kurta then also you may be liberated. So when you break say some paradigm you say you are now liberated.

Man chances upon creating multiple personality when he wants to selectively project his identity or ideology. It always remains a challenge to clearly state yourself.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 2

After my post of "Day 1", it became something like a week when I am now writing this post. People tell you that in your life you should have aim, and then what I usually do is to envisage life of people around me, life of my relatives, life of my friends. Majority of the people are in the business of making money, stocks, defeating points of fellow people or in the business of procuring or creating a family. I then miss the enjoyment that one has during his childhood, curiosity to see new things, energy to keep playing and the ability to remain at ease. When people believe you they will put you on stress test; when people do not believe you they will put you stressed. But people, I am sure, do not know the reason behind their attitude to earn money; their attitude to be greedy and selfish for their family or loved ones; their attitude to get rid of people.What one should do in such a case ? I always thought that reading books and developing my skill set is what gives me peace. And these observations came after multiple stress tests I have been put for, and in order to give myself a stability, I went closer and closer to studies, monotone works. Now this gave me some kind of shield; but for the same reason many accused me being mechanical or formal. But then I no longer have fear of loosing; for you always have your work as backup.

The attitude of righteousness that Man assumes in different walks of life could be deterrent to what we call Social progress. At the same time when he cajoles with Society actively, the aftereffects need to be monitored. To what extend he should liberate will always remain a question. What suits me, is to keep one's work or duty always of ulterior priority. After all, there are no one, in place, when you observe collapse.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 1

Yesterday I forgot (read slipped) to write post. I was quite aware that I have to write a new post, poor me, I could not. It happens, don't feel so bad ! :)

Yesterday, I went through interview of Thomas Friedman by Sonia Singh of NDTV.  Check for the conversation at 3:46 with Mani Shanakar Aiyer. I will not denigrate Mani's questionnaire, but what was recommendable is Friedman's optimism about India. It is important that people should become more confident about their future. Not only for India, but for entire Globe.

I cooked Khichdi yesterday, plain old type khichdi. I put lot of vegetables in it and yes it came good. I was very hungry, ate good enough, and like day before yesterday, I slept in day time. I rarely sleep in morning, may not have slept more than fifty times in my entire life, but I slept again. And actually I dislike sleeping in day time, though this time I felt fresh after I woke up. My aunt, my mother's sister, Mausi, always made sure in her, so far, life that she sleep for 3 hours in afternoon. Combine this with eight to nine hours sleep at night time, I will say she has been hibernating for fifty percent time in entire life. But that is fine, there is no necessity of becoming an Owl or a Donkey.

One friend of mine, worked till 12:30 PM in office and put this info on Facebook. His colleague replied, she slogged for even more. So people declare themselves an Owl or Donkey so that their Managers can hear there Dhenchu, Dhenchu. Necessary, man, Necessary.

I had a phone call late night, yesterday, from US, official. Attended it. Then there were other works piled up. Did some, left majority of others for future, and then it became like 1 AM (did you got what I meant to tell actually). Actually it became 2 AM. I have the same plain old type Khichdi, and there since I slept. So when I woke up by 9 AM or perhaps 9:30 AM, today, I was feeling like over slept. Have to rush for office, cab got missed, so took Auto. Like every day Auto Wallas fought with each other for who will get the customer. In between I missed my breakfast also.

At my home, I usually keep my Laptop and my Television alive almost full time. These days I am not liking fierce debates on News channels or interviews which are intended towards asking more of questions rather than getting answer. Though I like conversations between Mani Shankar Aiyer and Swapna Das Gupta. Such discussion enhances your social knowledge. I do not find my self agreeing with majority of points of these two folks, but well I am too novice.

Sister was still discussing who is better - Madhuri or Sri Devi. And in between came the topic of film Chandni. Chandni and Lamhe are two of the films whose album defines Yash Raj's film. Soothing locations, full of melody. Rishi Kapoor in Sweater.  Chandni was released during Durga Puja time. That was the era where Video cassettes were popular, and there was a Video Studio closer to our house. They used to make pirated Video Cassettes, actually piracy was too normal or common activity during those time. There was nothing illegal or legal about it, people were simply copying the content. And they used to keep their Television On, while film was getting copied by VCR. We children, specially I, watched so many movies much before they were public topic, and we were careless about whether it is a hit or flop. We never used to watch Naseeruddin Shah's or Om Puri's movie. They were Doordarshan kind of movies and even the visualization of those kind of movies used to put shivers in us. I also did not like Chandni, I used to dislike such rona-dhona (crying-frying) movies. But the songs I used to like, particularly  this one - Chandni mai teri Chandni.  Actually I started abandoning this movie ever since Rishi Kapoor in the movie meets accident. I managed to watch the movie completely, only during when I was traveling on Bus during my Undergrads days.
Lamhe I watched only partially, every one in my family watched it at my Uncle's home. But I was not there, and so I did not watch it. Actually I disliked Anil Kapoor without mustache.  Too bad. Chandni actually has too many memories. It came during the Durga Puja, perhaps my best so far. I was allowed to roam outside on my own.They really put great pandals, I found all the toys which should be bought and which should not be bought. Nothing is as great as the money of your parents which can buy whatever you think you must have.

Your success brings happiness to you when you can share it with those with whom you spent your childhood. But with age many of them drift away, and you very well know many of your successes lack the capability of eternal happiness.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 0

Day 0 is not my Birth Day.

It is just another Sunday, my mother is at my home town and here at Hyderabad I am alone in a 3BHK flat. The place where I am ( Janapriya, Hyderguda, Attapur) there is only one restaurant closer by - Hyderabad House. And there food is pretty bad. They call their food spicy; but in reality it appears like you have crushed red brick and decorated it with Chilly. The Naan will require efforts of both hands to tear them apart. Terrible. Mother went to home town on 5th October, and then since I ordered Hyderabad House just two times.

But then I cooked good enough Potato + Soybean + Green Peas  curry yesterday night , and it came out good. So good that it inspired me to try making Roti (chapati) again.  This time I was careful to spray water over Wheat flour dough. I guess now I have learned art of making dough. Bit practice and I will be a chef. The Rotis this time came approximately circular, they were not triangular or semi-circular or some random shape.

However this morning, I did not had Rotis left from yesterday night. And I thus made steamed Rice. This Rice got over boiled,  and it appeared somewhat sweet, thick something like Rice of Kheer or Paysam. My hunger had reached my mind and so I ended up eating all of Rice and yesterday's curry. My stomach there since have been heavy. Some how my tummy has come in shape, and I feel bad when it has to suffer out or eating so much of Rice. Bad.

I had plans to read few chapters. Poor me, I started feeling sleepy, must be out of Rice. You eat food to remain alive, and when you eat food you enter into hibernation phase. When Man will work?

Between this hibernation phase, I am now feeling bored of Facebook. Don't know what people write there. There I cannot write with full freedom. Facebook sucks.

Got call from one of my 2months older cousin. He married some years ago, do not know how many years ago, but he has two Son. I mean this has been his achievement. He did not stop there and triggered me that my age is on wrong side and I must marry. It is hard to put my view point in front of him, but its an absolute misinterpretation of what you have been struggling for, over years. I will just write one statement over here, such a call sucks. Don't call.

But my mood is not bad. I am habituated. Now four stuffs - have to bath, have to go out and buy vegetable, have to study and have to cook.  In between I have to sync with sister Nandi, sync with bro/sis Rahul/Anisha, sync with mom and papa. May be I will write a new section again.


I am feeling too bored today. I am not lonely, rather I do not feel there is much to talk to people. In past people were not available who could answer my questions. In present, my questions have matured so much, I am afraid I will get any answer. When you talk to people, you get topics and then you write. And I am feeling so bored, and so disenchanted with topics of one or other choice, that I do not know what to write and what not to write.

To help this blog survive, I think it better to write my day to day story - the boring stories which even I may not like. Read the forthcoming posts with all mental care.