Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 1

Yesterday I forgot (read slipped) to write post. I was quite aware that I have to write a new post, poor me, I could not. It happens, don't feel so bad ! :)

Yesterday, I went through interview of Thomas Friedman by Sonia Singh of NDTV.  Check for the conversation at 3:46 with Mani Shanakar Aiyer. I will not denigrate Mani's questionnaire, but what was recommendable is Friedman's optimism about India. It is important that people should become more confident about their future. Not only for India, but for entire Globe.

I cooked Khichdi yesterday, plain old type khichdi. I put lot of vegetables in it and yes it came good. I was very hungry, ate good enough, and like day before yesterday, I slept in day time. I rarely sleep in morning, may not have slept more than fifty times in my entire life, but I slept again. And actually I dislike sleeping in day time, though this time I felt fresh after I woke up. My aunt, my mother's sister, Mausi, always made sure in her, so far, life that she sleep for 3 hours in afternoon. Combine this with eight to nine hours sleep at night time, I will say she has been hibernating for fifty percent time in entire life. But that is fine, there is no necessity of becoming an Owl or a Donkey.

One friend of mine, worked till 12:30 PM in office and put this info on Facebook. His colleague replied, she slogged for even more. So people declare themselves an Owl or Donkey so that their Managers can hear there Dhenchu, Dhenchu. Necessary, man, Necessary.

I had a phone call late night, yesterday, from US, official. Attended it. Then there were other works piled up. Did some, left majority of others for future, and then it became like 1 AM (did you got what I meant to tell actually). Actually it became 2 AM. I have the same plain old type Khichdi, and there since I slept. So when I woke up by 9 AM or perhaps 9:30 AM, today, I was feeling like over slept. Have to rush for office, cab got missed, so took Auto. Like every day Auto Wallas fought with each other for who will get the customer. In between I missed my breakfast also.

At my home, I usually keep my Laptop and my Television alive almost full time. These days I am not liking fierce debates on News channels or interviews which are intended towards asking more of questions rather than getting answer. Though I like conversations between Mani Shankar Aiyer and Swapna Das Gupta. Such discussion enhances your social knowledge. I do not find my self agreeing with majority of points of these two folks, but well I am too novice.

Sister was still discussing who is better - Madhuri or Sri Devi. And in between came the topic of film Chandni. Chandni and Lamhe are two of the films whose album defines Yash Raj's film. Soothing locations, full of melody. Rishi Kapoor in Sweater.  Chandni was released during Durga Puja time. That was the era where Video cassettes were popular, and there was a Video Studio closer to our house. They used to make pirated Video Cassettes, actually piracy was too normal or common activity during those time. There was nothing illegal or legal about it, people were simply copying the content. And they used to keep their Television On, while film was getting copied by VCR. We children, specially I, watched so many movies much before they were public topic, and we were careless about whether it is a hit or flop. We never used to watch Naseeruddin Shah's or Om Puri's movie. They were Doordarshan kind of movies and even the visualization of those kind of movies used to put shivers in us. I also did not like Chandni, I used to dislike such rona-dhona (crying-frying) movies. But the songs I used to like, particularly  this one - Chandni mai teri Chandni.  Actually I started abandoning this movie ever since Rishi Kapoor in the movie meets accident. I managed to watch the movie completely, only during when I was traveling on Bus during my Undergrads days.
Lamhe I watched only partially, every one in my family watched it at my Uncle's home. But I was not there, and so I did not watch it. Actually I disliked Anil Kapoor without mustache.  Too bad. Chandni actually has too many memories. It came during the Durga Puja, perhaps my best so far. I was allowed to roam outside on my own.They really put great pandals, I found all the toys which should be bought and which should not be bought. Nothing is as great as the money of your parents which can buy whatever you think you must have.

Your success brings happiness to you when you can share it with those with whom you spent your childhood. But with age many of them drift away, and you very well know many of your successes lack the capability of eternal happiness.

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