Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 0

Day 0 is not my Birth Day.

It is just another Sunday, my mother is at my home town and here at Hyderabad I am alone in a 3BHK flat. The place where I am ( Janapriya, Hyderguda, Attapur) there is only one restaurant closer by - Hyderabad House. And there food is pretty bad. They call their food spicy; but in reality it appears like you have crushed red brick and decorated it with Chilly. The Naan will require efforts of both hands to tear them apart. Terrible. Mother went to home town on 5th October, and then since I ordered Hyderabad House just two times.

But then I cooked good enough Potato + Soybean + Green Peas  curry yesterday night , and it came out good. So good that it inspired me to try making Roti (chapati) again.  This time I was careful to spray water over Wheat flour dough. I guess now I have learned art of making dough. Bit practice and I will be a chef. The Rotis this time came approximately circular, they were not triangular or semi-circular or some random shape.

However this morning, I did not had Rotis left from yesterday night. And I thus made steamed Rice. This Rice got over boiled,  and it appeared somewhat sweet, thick something like Rice of Kheer or Paysam. My hunger had reached my mind and so I ended up eating all of Rice and yesterday's curry. My stomach there since have been heavy. Some how my tummy has come in shape, and I feel bad when it has to suffer out or eating so much of Rice. Bad.

I had plans to read few chapters. Poor me, I started feeling sleepy, must be out of Rice. You eat food to remain alive, and when you eat food you enter into hibernation phase. When Man will work?

Between this hibernation phase, I am now feeling bored of Facebook. Don't know what people write there. There I cannot write with full freedom. Facebook sucks.

Got call from one of my 2months older cousin. He married some years ago, do not know how many years ago, but he has two Son. I mean this has been his achievement. He did not stop there and triggered me that my age is on wrong side and I must marry. It is hard to put my view point in front of him, but its an absolute misinterpretation of what you have been struggling for, over years. I will just write one statement over here, such a call sucks. Don't call.

But my mood is not bad. I am habituated. Now four stuffs - have to bath, have to go out and buy vegetable, have to study and have to cook.  In between I have to sync with sister Nandi, sync with bro/sis Rahul/Anisha, sync with mom and papa. May be I will write a new section again.

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