Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 3

I inquired again, what space Sin and Virtue creates.  The novel (and movie based on it) Chitralekha came to my cognition. A syndrome gets created when one confuses the domain of Sin and Virtue he is aligned to. True conceptualization of context or circumstance demands analytical approach but people, as always, are not connected, within themselves, at all level.

I made good Brinjal-Potato sabji (vegetable) yesterday; and I left nothing in the container. I was on Twitter for a long time yesterday, and I wondered by what was trending on it in India. Conservatism in India is not by some rule, it is by comfort. You will be confused if you study religious or conservative aspects of people. For people trick notion of their moralistic or religious values. Actually it always make sense to identify the threads of comfort for a human being. And "comfort" could be aligned to "virtues" one seeks for; at the same time Man identifies many a notion/perspective as "Sin". This is a struggle of thoughts, struggle for giving meaning to life.

 This morning ( stupid me, I woke up by 12 PM!!! and I am still calling it morning) I cooked Gobhi-Aloo. It came fine. And yes this time I did not sleep. Last week I slept when I really required to be awaken. You are lucky when you are able to control your routine. I am wondering about my daily routine, and there appears no schedule is in place. If there is routine in place, it is always better.  For your procedures and people are aligned to your common routine. During my childhood days, my father used to make routine for our daily purposes. And it was fun, I always wanted to skip the day on which I have to study Civics or History. These days, I am not sure what Guardians do, but if they think that having some kind of routine is too much of forceful act on their children, then I think that might be incorrect. If they think that omitting routines is a sign of Liberation then it will be only against fundamentals.

Liberation as such is not an old idea, but people, what they call as a Sin, use the same idea, these days, under the name of  Liberation. So say if you are not following some custom you are feeling liberated. When you are divorcing you are feeling liberated. Your studies are more and more based on Computers or Mobiles then you are liberated. You have multiple girlfriends or boy friends then you are liberated. And if you are using long Khaki Kurta then also you may be liberated. So when you break say some paradigm you say you are now liberated.

Man chances upon creating multiple personality when he wants to selectively project his identity or ideology. It always remains a challenge to clearly state yourself.

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