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Of those free days

There were Occasions of  Free Talk. They were not exactly the days of childhood; they were somewhere in later years of High school and earlier days of College. Wasted lot many days during those time; debated on what could be a topic and what could not be a topic. And there was an immense sense of righteousness; how it is possible that it can be incorrect ?  Played chess for hours and nights, with daylight and lanterns; discussed why we we are really stronger than US; put thousand of green, yet having red fusion,  Litchis, in water so that they get sweetness. We were not bothered about what people think about you; and its not like that people were not taking notice of you behavior; they were, but we were simply immune. Why Knight is stronger than  Queen; why I hate Mango, why Litchi is the best fruit, why this Prime Minister can't become fast ( IK Gujaral was the prime minister); how to check it is Chicken or Mutton curry, and why I hate fish and like curry of Chicken or Mutton. Th…