Monday, September 17, 2007

Everything is in place

So, now I can say --"everything is in place". My backache is fine -- thanks to the roof, the plain, flat, hard roof ... that magically cured my back. My brother's study is also on track, and with time he is able to understand merit of hard work and I am finding that he has become curious towards many thing. Career of my sister is also on track ...
In last few days, I watched a lot of Television -- T20, the usual Aaj Tak chirrups, Music contests --Sa Re Ga Ma and Indian Idol and lot many movies(though in bit and pieces). These days, it seems that Electronic Media has reached to streets and on TV set you can hear street like noise. Obviously to make such noise, Electronic media needs lot many journalists where quantity often affects quality. When I was 10-12, I saw many movies and the rate was something like 2-3 movies per day (thanks to neighbors; two of them had video library shop). I think I have to wait for some years from now ... where there will be enough movies in stock which I have never seen.