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Red Rose. Red rose, with its glowing redness, sweetness -- for sweetness comes along with the act of perceiving rose's metaphor. Mild breeze and the rose plant. Shining summer day and the rose plant. Days, every passing days and the rose plant. Smiling, giggling roses on the rose plant. The idea of roses gain prominence over the existence of the rose plant. But roses die! Small black lines inscribe it. Roses die! But who suffers the seclusion out of this death -- the plant which lives the life of rose, or the one who imagines the metaphor of rose ? The thought that emanates from the occlusion of a tender flower, the thought that suffers the tyranny of death of flower; how much that thought is cared of ? Roses die. The perceiver of beauty of a rose caught by the emotion of death of rose suffers. Moves. Moves, but frequent honing of the aura of rose plant calls him. For there is a thought that the plant will remedy his vision. For he prays to God for the days. But the next time,…

My BlogoSphere

Well I have been lazy towards my blogs for last three months, and I think cause of this laziness have been laziness itself, ;-). Here is the simple planout:- ( this one ) -- will be my personal blog. I will behave like human beings, in this blog. -- will be my programming language blog. It is still in edit mode. So please wait for few more days. :( -- my science blog. I will not behave like human beings on this blog. ;)Thats all !