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Day 4 :: Plato -- The Republic - I

I am reading Desmond Lee's translation of Plato -- The Republic.

And I met this line, somewhat tricky for me:

"Plato sought a cure for the ills of society not in Politics but in philosophy, and arrived at his fundamental and lasting conviction that those ills would never cease until philosophers becomes rulers or rulers philosophers."

It appears from the flow of above line, that Plato's idea of "Philosopher King" is not just an abstraction. However having a Philosopher King does not seem to be a very strange or very particular idea. For it makes sense for the Guardian of a house to observe housemates and rule an appropriate way. Same applies to those who rule society or country. The bigger problem is what should be the way King should learn; and how he deduces or sets up analogy among varied observations. Notion of Philosopher King appears having relation to some axiomatic, deductive and decision making system. If we forget religious concoction, the idea o…

Day 4

I  earlier planned to direct this blog more along the lines of Philosophy. At this time  I am only aware of Mathematical Logic and its Philosophical context. I thus do not have formal training in the areas of Philosophy. Nevertheless Philosophy as well as Psychology are chief ingredient behind a cohesive society or country. It will be delayed if I do not study this area. I am thus going to study Pages of Kant, Plato, Radhakrishnan, Hegel and many more. While doing so, I will keep logical perspective (the way one keeps it in Mathematics), and I will initially note down terms involved in it. Content of these notes will be always subject to verification.

Day 3

I inquired again, what space Sin and Virtue creates.  The novel (and movie based on it) Chitralekha came to my cognition. A syndrome gets created when one confuses the domain of Sin and Virtue he is aligned to. True conceptualization of context or circumstance demands analytical approach but people, as always, are not connected, within themselves, at all level.

I made good Brinjal-Potato sabji (vegetable) yesterday; and I left nothing in the container. I was on Twitter for a long time yesterday, and I wondered by what was trending on it in India. Conservatism in India is not by some rule, it is by comfort. You will be confused if you study religious or conservative aspects of people. For people trick notion of their moralistic or religious values. Actually it always make sense to identify the threads of comfort for a human being. And "comfort" could be aligned to "virtues" one seeks for; at the same time Man identifies many a notion/perspective as "Sin".…

Day 2

After my post of "Day 1", it became something like a week when I am now writing this post. People tell you that in your life you should have aim, and then what I usually do is to envisage life of people around me, life of my relatives, life of my friends. Majority of the people are in the business of making money, stocks, defeating points of fellow people or in the business of procuring or creating a family. I then miss the enjoyment that one has during his childhood, curiosity to see new things, energy to keep playing and the ability to remain at ease. When people believe you they will put you on stress test; when people do not believe you they will put you stressed. But people, I am sure, do not know the reason behind their attitude to earn money; their attitude to be greedy and selfish for their family or loved ones; their attitude to get rid of people.What one should do in such a case ? I always thought that reading books and developing my skill set is what gives me pea…

Day 1

Yesterday I forgot (read slipped) to write post. I was quite aware that I have to write a new post, poor me, I could not. It happens, don't feel so bad ! :)

Yesterday, I went through interview of Thomas Friedman by Sonia Singh of NDTV.  Check for the conversation at 3:46 with Mani Shanakar Aiyer. I will not denigrate Mani's questionnaire, but what was recommendable is Friedman's optimism about India. It is important that people should become more confident about their future. Not only for India, but for entire Globe.

I cooked Khichdi yesterday, plain old type khichdi. I put lot of vegetables in it and yes it came good. I was very hungry, ate good enough, and like day before yesterday, I slept in day time. I rarely sleep in morning, may not have slept more than fifty times in my entire life, but I slept again. And actually I dislike sleeping in day time, though this time I felt fresh after I woke up. My aunt, my mother's sister, Mausi, always made sure in her, so far, …

Day 0

Day 0 is not my Birth Day.

It is just another Sunday, my mother is at my home town and here at Hyderabad I am alone in a 3BHK flat. The place where I am ( Janapriya, Hyderguda, Attapur) there is only one restaurant closer by - Hyderabad House. And there food is pretty bad. They call their food spicy; but in reality it appears like you have crushed red brick and decorated it with Chilly. The Naan will require efforts of both hands to tear them apart. Terrible. Mother went to home town on 5th October, and then since I ordered Hyderabad House just two times.

But then I cooked good enough Potato + Soybean + Green Peas  curry yesterday night , and it came out good. So good that it inspired me to try making Roti (chapati) again.  This time I was careful to spray water over Wheat flour dough. I guess now I have learned art of making dough. Bit practice and I will be a chef. The Rotis this time came approximately circular, they were not triangular or semi-circular or some random shape.



I am feeling too bored today. I am not lonely, rather I do not feel there is much to talk to people. In past people were not available who could answer my questions. In present, my questions have matured so much, I am afraid I will get any answer. When you talk to people, you get topics and then you write. And I am feeling so bored, and so disenchanted with topics of one or other choice, that I do not know what to write and what not to write.
To help this blog survive, I think it better to write my day to day story - the boring stories which even I may not like. Read the forthcoming posts with all mental care.


I studied Antenna twice, once in under-grads, next time in post-grads. When I studied Antenna in under-grads there happened to be a situation of third world war, among boys and girls. There were issues of Syntax and Semantics. Boys have tendency to flick letters of words and Girls have tendency to cry on everything which  distantly or by implication induces immorality. When I studied Antenna in post-grads, I disliked the way our Professor was teaching the subject-matter; it was quite rushed, may be he had to go out for shopping with his Wife or may be he didn't want to tread into Philosophy of Antenna. But my empathy with Antennas is not just associated with these two era. It has its role in popular culture as well.

First in those days [of my childhood] there was immense popularity of  Television Serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata. People who were phobic towards this Western creation - called Television, had bought TV sets or they flocked in neighborhood. On Doordarshan they used…

Of those free days

There were Occasions of  Free Talk. They were not exactly the days of childhood; they were somewhere in later years of High school and earlier days of College. Wasted lot many days during those time; debated on what could be a topic and what could not be a topic. And there was an immense sense of righteousness; how it is possible that it can be incorrect ?  Played chess for hours and nights, with daylight and lanterns; discussed why we we are really stronger than US; put thousand of green, yet having red fusion,  Litchis, in water so that they get sweetness. We were not bothered about what people think about you; and its not like that people were not taking notice of you behavior; they were, but we were simply immune. Why Knight is stronger than  Queen; why I hate Mango, why Litchi is the best fruit, why this Prime Minister can't become fast ( IK Gujaral was the prime minister); how to check it is Chicken or Mutton curry, and why I hate fish and like curry of Chicken or Mutton. Th…

Ram Narayan

I never got chance to eat the thick Masaala clad vegetable made out of Potato, that the wife of the House Lord - whom we called NaniJee (grandmother) - used to make. They never asked me to have it. Retrospecting now, I cannot conclude that she or any one of her family had any intention to not to call me for the delicious food. May be they  have thought that this small child may cry after eating so spicy food. Or may be there were other issues which because of grounds of being seer conjectural in nature, I will better skip.  Whatever the case may be, the aroma of  Masaala clad Aalu (Potato) coming up via vapors still jettison in my Nose, and I feel helpless about it. I have never seen any one making that kind of pure Indian dish with spices permeating in the Potato in so absorbed manner. Along with that they used to make slightly thick Chapati, which was boost to sciences of Gastronomy. I never had it, however the fact that its aroma still engross me is something strange.

We …

Holi - 2011

I always have mixed impression of Holi. Mixed because you will like the exuberance of people, you  will like the colors, at at the same time you may have to face over-excitement of people and survive notoriously acidic effect that chemicals in the colors leave on you. But "Holi", if you are from India, is not just about celebrating afestival - it is one of the timestamps that quote your life. For people say, this "Holi" it was cold, that "Holi" we all in family assembled. Basically you remember many an events of your life based on near which Holi, it happened.
This year my Holi was rather very silent, just me and my Mother. Father at home place while brother and sisters are at there workplace. And then we two - me and my Mother - decided to have enough rest, for we had some fever and some unrest out of long travel.  Last year I was out of country so we did not had Holi. But before last year, - because of presence of my brother and sister, we had some of i…