Monday, March 31, 2008


Some Clips:-

  • George Fernandes Interview by Karan Thapar -- Karan Thapar in his TV programme, Devil Advocate , intrigued George Fernandes over all possible issues. And when Karan Thapar interviews some one, it appears like -- "stupid,.. ANSWER my question". Geroge Fernandes had his great glorious day, when in those days his oratory and administrative role matched best of the country. But then the Jaya Jaitley case, the coffin scam and his constrained relationship with his party members; made him just a symbolic figure of his past. George is now 78, and in the above mentioned interview he appeared unconscious, fighting with himself to utter single words and his health appeared poor. Often Karan had to put letters in his mouth. It did not appear a fair debate. Actually it appeared cruel. A person who was once pitted as possible PM after Vajpayee, who is no Deve Gowda no Lalu, though he could have easily got cool-nice power positions for himself, should not be treated in such manner.

  • RACE -- My brother and sister pressed hard to watch this movie at some multiplex. In 2007 I watched three movies in Cinema Halls -- Saawariya, Welcome and Taare Zameen Par. Movies like Welcome, are some of the best example of worst making of a movie and still becoming a major hit. And Saawariya ... when I told my sister ( Anisha and Nandi ) that its background was great, somewhere somekind of flame appeared! But Saawariya is like a metaphor, where its words got consumed, absorbed in the poet himself. It suffered lack of dialogue with spectator. Now coming back to RACE, I was in no mood to spend my hard earned pennies on such a movie where Bipasha Basu, Sameera Reddy and Katrina Kaif ( she always giggles or smiles, and this is her central acting prowess )are the poster ladies. No doubt, my skepticism turned true when I saw it on my Lappy. The suspense, thrill and the unfaithfulness of the step bothers ( Saif & Akshay Khanna, in the film ) is worth of 17 years old 1st year college student only. Not for me.
It is now almost 10 years since I slept on the roof of my Mama Jee's house, which is in a village, where the cold but soothing breeze kept the soul happy; the bare sky, where the stars were twinkling and playing with your eyes ... where is that peace and the calmness ?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Does modern India have a mind of its own ?

In his Prime Ministerial tenure, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, during a poetic consortium gave an elegant statement -- "development in our main aim ... it is another matter, how much and what kind of development is needed". The last phrase of his statement had poetic touch, in fact it has sensible essence, but this statement could not enter debate rooms, and I never found any serious national debate on this matter. The definitions of development has philosophical rhetoric but there should be well defined notions about it. Or, the issue of development is very personified, and a society or a country should not be bothered about this matter if it succeeds in granting full scope for respective development for its individuals. Perhaps, this will not meet litmus test of purists or even average analysts.
What are the potential candidates for the identification of development trends of a country? Is it finance, education, good moral value of public, religious purity, business, big industry, science, army, spiritual leadership or natural resources? May be, all of these. But how these ingredients have been mixed. Are we following US who looks for money everywhere, anywhere or Russia/China who do not believe in open debate, free open atmosphere for its citizen ? Or we should keep the model as it is, which is quite insensitive and unconscious about people ( Singur, fast urbanisation, corruption ) ? Are we making a consistent model of development and educating people about its norms ?
Does modern India have a mind of its own ? ... Else, we are borrowing everything, everything that we begged for ?