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Cindrella's Post

Cindrella is a blogger like me ... but she writes much better ... and with every passing day her expertise gets richer. I am hereby posting her last post.

And claim Thy bed.
Far away deep in the woods
Thy light above the mountain burns.
It flickers and dances,yet stands tall
as the blue and yellow glow in turns.

The road's too long,the light's too far
and my brazen soul is getting weary.
The sun gives way and Thy sillouette falls,
as Thou behest the night so eery.

On the wings of history and the sands of time,
Thy purple haze my eyes have seen.
Emanating from Thy pristine soul,
engulfing me they've always been.

Be tired I may,but lost I havent.
My feet move forward and start the hike.
My eyes may droop but not forever,
for they'll stay open to behold Thine like.

I'll trace the smell,I'll track Thy shed.
So tread I must and tread ahead.
I'll take the walk and face the dread,
I'll reach Thy gates and claim Thy bed.