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Socialism in 21st Century

Individualism is getting prominence. We were comparing small families and nuclear families, but suddenly Individualism has erupted. There are many affairs which are pure State affairs, many are not. One of them is Socialism. If Socialism in India has failed to some (good) degree then probably one of the reason was delimiting the scope of Socialism to state. It was not practised at the level of Individual. Or at least there never have been any any larger programme which would educate and groom masses about the aspects of Socialism. Probably when my study grows more on this matter, I can answer better. I am putting one article here about Socialism in 21st Century :-

Socialism is the political expression of the principle of human inter-dependence. It embodies the idea that as members of the human-race, we are all essentially responsible for one another: we have an obligation of mutual support and share a reciprocal bond which binds us tog…

Exiting IM World

Got too much bored of Instant Messengers. :) And thus I am quitting that world, the world of Instant Messengers. Some of my IM friends will think that I have blocked them, which is not true, as I think blocking anybody is a kind of cheat. Altogether it was six years of enjoyable tryst with IMs, but then for sometime I felt some kind of suffocation in using them, some kind of psyhcological suffocation.
My orkut account and facebook account is just useless one. You can contact me over my gmail id ( and yes I will never quit blog world. Till then, bbye.

The Terror Time

That development and usage of technology has good degree of parallelism is something that cannot be thoroughly refuted. However should technology and also science in the general sense be the chief elements of development, is something to be analyzed. Of the organizing factors of a society or a country at larger scale, the struggle for power whether it is religious in nature or whether it has to do with ownership of state and at the same time struggle for better life by individuals, effectively shape the problem statement for the masses. Any imbalance on any side asks for chaos. To solve the problem amicably a good standards of social, religious and political engineering must be practised.
What happened in Mumbai, the 26/11, is actually a collapse of or in some sense absence of any kind of engineering that should happen at global level. But the chief question that arises -- whether any such engineering is possible or not ? United Nations, which is now over 60 years old, very partially a…