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Different Times

Industry teaches discipline, which I think is a trick to get its work done :). I have been doing job for almost 11 months and the bottomline is that I have lost my freedom, the fun that I used to have when I was completely free !!! I am not kinda person who flock with lot of friends; my fun, my freedom means walking, travelling from one place to another, talking with unkown faces and spending time for almost no purpose. In fact I am more creative in those situations ... but alas where is vacation, where is leave ... Whether I will ever get those days, whether I will get out of the Industrial black hole, keeps me worried ... I always played hard with those equations ... where I used to get solution for a system under different constraints ... I am finding that I have become one of those systems ... completely trapped in something I never wanted for myself ...

Aasha Ji Ka Pyara Interview ...

As told by Mr Bhagwant of BBC on a different public discussion group Asha was on a UK concert tour and had scheduled in 2 dates for Wembley
Conference Centre and Birmingham. The promoter had apparently booked a
"last minute" additional concert in London the following weekend. I
was a little sceptical about this last minute thing as Wembley is not
an easy venue to hire and you really have to book it well in advance. I
suspect it was called "'last minute" so as perhaps not to
disappoint Asha too much if few people turned up.

As it was, the last of the shows did not have as many people in the
audience as her first 2 shows, but it WAS the best show. I say this
because having seen her first show, which I reported on RMIM, in
comparison, she was far more relaxed, at ease, had more stamina, was
less irritable and frankly wanted to carry on singing. I think she
found her second breath and actually enjoyed the experience; whereas,
initially in her first show she was tired, losing tra…

Moving Again

Life is like a river flow. Some times some leaf gets stuck somewhere and could not flow for a long time. Even strong flow of river could not change the destiny of small leaf. Often stories end without any statement … I am not interested in the end, or in the story, or in the leaf, I am more interested in the metaphor of transition that led change of course. I am not interested in the sufferings or sufferer; rather I am interested in the noun “suffer”.
The world is mechanical. Many people say that we can’t buy everything with money, I also assert the same, but then a dichotomy lies within my mind. To get something which is outside domain of money, is it necessary to believe in destiny or you should play your cards tacitly (even you keep yourself ignorant about the fact that you are not playing your cards). Is it necessary to kill many germinating corpuscles for achievements or is it necessary to work honestly and hope for your chance? The words, destiny or hope are so illusionary that t…