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Different Times

Industry teaches discipline, which I think is a trick to get its work done :). I have been doing job for almost 11 months and the bottomline is that I have lost my freedom, the fun that I used to have when I was completely free !!! I am not kinda person who flock with lot of friends; my fun, my freedom means walking, travelling from one place to another, talking with unkown faces and spending time for almost no purpose. In fact I am more creative in those situations ... but alas where is vacation, where is leave ...
Whether I will ever get those days, whether I will get out of the Industrial black hole, keeps me worried ... I always played hard with those equations ... where I used to get solution for a system under different constraints ... I am finding that I have become one of those systems ... completely trapped in something I never wanted for myself ...


  1. Hey corporate life is something that has got its own pros and cons..its something that you gotta take as a whole,no choices what-so-ever !

    You're an intelligent guy.Times wont be like this forever na.Laid back times will come and the you can have you full throttle at enjoying life !!

    Till then take care and tread with ease !!

  2. Hey thanks Cin ... me and intelligent ...

    Thanks for the statement that --- times wont be like this forever ...

  3. Reetesh, I have a different take here...We live, we become what we choose to be; of course, baring a very few situations where u have no other options rather than to lay you ur hands but that also happen once in a while and I beleive they dont stay for a long time...thats what I beleive in...
    I may sound harsh but thats a fact. You are in an industry working like this becuase you want it to be like that...
    I have seen people in the past like you; I will site one of them here---This guy I cam across thorugh an interview...IIT-JEE topper; did BTech, MTech and PhD in IIT, Kanpur...was such a guy in his time that he used to help others and just enjoy the life to the fullest...At the end-year of his PhD, his professor when asked him to submit his proposal in the remaining 6 months; he went missing for 3 months and when he cam back and submitted his thesis; it was realized that he has solved one of the open-world problems in 3 motnhs...after doing his PhD; he somehow felt he is not suited to the industry and thus, went for social service and now a social activist in Kolkata...
    now here is an example where the guy(brilliant, smart and dashing who could have earned tonnes of money from the industry) chose for what he wanted to be...You may say he is one of the millions; yes definitely but atleast he is one of them...why not you also become 1 of the millions my dear friend; a jewel that can shine no matter where u keep it;
    So Stop cribbing more Reetesh and choose your own life...LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE; LEAD YOUR OWN LIFE.

  4. nahin reetesh, ur constraints and they r created by u and u fear of ur own rejection that u dont look at dear dont fear to open ur wings and fly..u will love ur lfe then


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