Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Education becoming too costly ... ? Part 3

Economy, Education and The Balance -- Consider the expenses when one studies for M.B.B.S degree at Private Medical colleges. Based on common information, it seems to be any thing between 10Lac to 30Lac rupees. If we add expenses for MD degree, this will come close to 50Lacs. With such a huge investment over studies, it is likely that the degree holder will look for smart returns. Clearly opening door gates of medical education on the basis of huge expenditure is not good for society. Another thing that I have observed over the years is Industry and Institute interaction. If the bias of Industry is towards education, then things are in balance. The concerned student will have strong foundation which will help him in future to build his career. However because of the economic interest of companies, involvement of teachers in financial benefits and prime interest of students in employment, the whole education process gets severely damaged. Economy and Education should have a balance, and if you have to build a strong nation, there should be large emphasis on education. Too much involvement of economy can jeopardizes the system, it has an imbalancing impact.
In last three posts(including this one), I have just touched the scenario of education system in our country. I somehow feel that more than the issue of reservation, the greed of middle class of India can affect the essence of education. The society should be democratic towards qualities of education.


  1. Friend, you have struck just the chord..
    I have always believed this.
    Education is fast becoming a rich-man's accessory.
    I repeat, 'accessory'.
    Dont you think ?
    A cousin of mine recently took admission int the MBBS course and is gonna cough up 3 lacs every year towards tuition.
    I was speechless when I heard that, instead of trying to be happy about it...
    I dunno where aree headed to..?
    And what are we gonna give to our country in the future...

    Rich medicos figthing over who's caste is better...?

  2. Oh, i forgot to mention...I love your new template. Its so refreshing...awesome..!!!
    But kinda girly...dont you think..?
    Then again...i like metrosexual males...
    So all's cool.

  3. @Cin -- Surely, the education system is in complete mess.

    @Cin -- Yes the template looks girly. I do not know the meaning of the term "metrosexual". It falls in same category of word like "cool" where exact meaning depends on circumstance. BTW, m planning to make my own blogger template, I do not like most of the templates ... lets C.

  4. ya the education is becoming costlier ..
    the poor pepole cannot servive that to especially in india which is a developing country.