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Is Education becoming too costly ... ? Part 2

So, as I observed, there was dilution of courses and examination right from primary school level. Sadly, there was no effort from the system to solve this problem at College level (under graduate level). Under graduate studies is no longer easily available for all economic categories of society.

Unorganized and costly Under Graduate studies --- an average Indian is not economically strong. There is no respect in society towards people who have good education, though society respects people who have thick purse, who have wealth. Under graduate studies are foundation stone for skill sets a man should have, to grow his career in comprehensive way. However instead of developing their skill sets most of the students are preparing for public/private service examinations. This, earlier, involved students preparing for Indian/State Government examinations, ranging from Banking services, Railways, PSUs to UPSC, Defense. For those who wanted technical skills, IIT-JEE, state examinations, AIIMS were prime examinations. In the pre-globalization era when every thing was run by Government, there was not much professional approach towards these examinations, and it was almost dependent on endeavor of candidate to succeed in examinations. However after globalization the situation did not remain the same. Cost of goods increased, and many a processes got refinement; however for economically weak section of India (which comprises major population of India) this meant increase of opportunities provided you spend deliberately (often to alarming level). In the same era dozens of engineering colleges mushroomed in South Indian states (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu) and private medical colleges offered degrees. With the success of IIMs and IT industries several B schools emerged, and the middle category of India suddenly moved towards them. But this time money become a prominent threshold, also the system lacks way for identifying and uplifting talented/intelligent folks. Remember, every thing has become too professional, the coaching institutes are too costly, thus even if a student is intelligent or meticulous he may not be able to ascertain all focal points he should look for. Thus a large section of students coming from humble background lacked a Guided(professional) process.
This whole event has many sad effects. Most of the students of technical colleges (particularly private colleges) lack many ingredients required to comprehend subject matter. Since in these colleges, the management has primary focus to make profit, so the faculty used to be underpaid, less skilled. No doubt IT companies complain about quality of Indian human resources. Further since rich/ economically stable can only avail high end colleges/institutes, so most of the opportunities go to those section only. This situation will be more visible in coming years, probably the system will have to rethink about standards of its technical institutes. IITs, IIMs, NITs, State Institutes; similarly AIIMS, NLS, IISc, do not cater whole population; their entrance process has become professional to the limit of affordablity, and whether they are a big success is a serious discussion matter. After consuming (supposedly) best mind of country, have they given any CV Raman or Bose ?

(... to be continued ...)


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