Friday, November 9, 2007

Nandigram's Diwali

Places like Nandigram are not on the map of shining India. Actually shining India does not need places like Nandigram, Singur, Mukundapuram, Kalahandi, Palamu and many other small towns. Most of these places are occupied by unprogressive people, or you call them uncivilized people. The definition of civilization can be very tricky for analytical engineers, but in shining India the definition is very explicit --- the one who thinks he has the moral right to get all comforts of world. Actually the world of shining India is addicted of doing revolutions. They disliked the normal functioning of Public Sector Units (PSUs) , so they put a logical point -- it is not the job of Governments to run PSUs, and they started closing them. It thinks that Industries should be frequent in its operations, so there came a group of unlisted daily workers. It has done lot many things --- it diluted the conception of socialism, it gave us politicians who do not need to discuss over issues --- they should not wait for ideas to be implemented, it told us to listen to SRK and read TOI, and most importantly it told us to earn, love and idolise money.
Shining India is busy in bursting crackers and discussing release of Om Shanti Om and Saawariya. There is a News --- there is a village called Nandigram, the villagers are living as refugee in their own village. Hey, good script piece!

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