Wednesday, November 7, 2007


"Do, you have this T-Shirt in XL size ?". Actually I took "M" size TShirt as part of my Company gift few days ago, and since 6-pack is a very very remote idea to my own existence, so this time I was sure I will buy XL size T-Shirt from the shop.
"Sir, ... No sir, I think there is no XL size T-Shirt ... sir, you don't want L size T-Shirt ?". There were many "Sirs" in her lines, and they were not totally meant for me, She was actually perfecting her skill as sales woman.
"No ... I need XL size only?"
"Sir, please wait 2 minutes ... I think there is no more XL ... sir I will just look in store ... ?" The blue, light navy blue combination T Shirt, seemd to be comfortable and, very unusually I was on a shopping spree. In 5-6 minutes she came back, and ... "Sir do you want to try this ...?". She started to remove the cloth hanger, but her "just become boss" intervened ... "Don't open T-Shirt this way ... open it this way ?", "Now onwards open it like this way ... ", "Why you have opened it this way ...?". She kept silence, and gave me the T-Shirt.

"I will take it ...". "Ok, sir, shall we go to counter ...". She was a bit hurried, actually she wanted to deliver her selling capabilities by making it sure that she has sold one T Shirt". "Aha, wait ... I am looking for some more ... !". "Sir, you want this ... sir this one ...?". To the state of creating uncomfort for me, she was running along my movements in the shop. Neverthless, I kept myself cool ... and I chose one more T-Shirt. Her suggestions were on," ... sir will you take this one ... sir thissss "
"My purchase is over. I want bill."
"Yes sir."
At the counter, the owner or manager of the shop told her to pack the T-Shirts.
"Oh, do it this way?"
"Why you are so lazy"
"How much is the rebate over this T-Shirt?"
"25% ...". She was still busy with arranging the T-Shirts.
"It is 35% ...". The manager looked heavily on the girl, when I reminded him of 35% rebate.
"Thank you sir, thank you!"
Newbie ...

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