Saturday, April 29, 2006

Some Talks

Tired of writing the type of pieces that I have written so far, I am planning for a serious change. I have thought of writing a Science Blog, where the term Science will be used in a generic sense. This means, different areas of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Life Sciences will be addressed. Further, areas like Computer Science and Communication will be dealt as a part of Mathematics, while areas like Biochemistry will be delat as a part of Life Sciences. Ofcourse there will be a certain degree of overlap, but then Nature does not know these subject matters. I have a certain feeling that every problem should have an algorithmic facet. Algorithms are most logical way to present a problem statment and corresponding solution. However, sometimes keeping balance with simplicity(which is original to the problem statement) is also necessary. I will try to keep the balance among the variables of the system.
The tragedy with Physics and Mathematics is that most of the times people give resepct to the ideas involved in them, but they are often unwilling to go through them. Often Mathematical Equations do not give the complete notion of the System they are constructed for, and they are supported by literature. Another thing is, Mathematical modellings involved in one area of Science and Technology. Can it be used in other area quite easily ? If the modelling can be used in many areas, then what are the fundamental elements constiuting them. For example, what is common between behavior of diode, first order chemical reactions, radioactivity and electric potential in the field of charged line. Is the decimal number system or binary system best choice among all number systems ? What is the most basic number system for a give area under study ?
I have thought of some problem statements. The treatment will be mostly theoretical in Nature. I will like to assist the solution with equations, pictures, easier navigation, programs (software programs will be typically written in some popular programming language), web links, books, possible journals. The task is definitely not easy, but then it will be a great experience. I will like to use googles' blog, and I am looking for software tools which can support the features I have mentioned and those I will need in due course.
I will like to analyze the problems that have been solved. There is a possibility of presenting them in newer ways. Also sometimes, many of the ways to look upon the problem remains untouched. And readers, you decide, which problem you are most interested in. Well I will write the Science blog not in this blog, will mention you the name later on. Also, I will keep writing the usual stuff in this blog.
I have my own limitations, my own sphere. I need your help and pointers to improve myself. For example, the motivation to write such a blog came from a friend of mine. I will like to get information from you that what type of subject matters I should touch, what should be the balance, what features you want to see, what is your preferable computer language(it should be one of the popular language, for example, C++ is my own choice) and many other things that you want to say. Do comment or write mail to me : Once the blog comes alive, please tell other people about it.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hosur--Bangalore Express

Life is not a composition of big, quotable events, rather it comprises of small, gentle events that gives some shape to it. My friend Ratan, years back, advised me to hear Ghazals by Abida Parveen. These all Ghazals have Sufi touch, words are nicely chosen and ofcourse you need to be patient and calm enough to go through them. Unluckingly, FM channels, rarely braodcast Ghazals, they basically concentrate on film songs. Floodded with all sort of cacophony, some times we get pleasure of hearing some pieces by Lata, Mukesh or Rafi. It will take a level maturity when they will broadcast these words ... Gustak Annkhiya, Kithe Jaa Laddiya...
A good part of my time, I spend now days travelling through buses running on the road linking Housr to Bangalore. The rush, the crowd is simply gigantic, and if you want to learn patience, you can have a chance if you are travelling by 8A.M. or 6P.M. But truly speaking, this rush, this wait time, has never been killinng to me, and I almost enjoyed every moment of it ... thanks to the radio enabled mobile set that I have. In these 2hours time (almost, one hour in morning, one hour in evening), I think about my past life, I think about mom's food and many other things. At least for some time I come outside the artificial world, that I have and the time have made for me. Perhaps Mehdi Hassan's song gets relevance in those times, Ab Ke Hum Bichde To Shayad Khwabo Mein Milenge. Somewhere the soul is lost in this chaotic world, and those two hours helps me find them, to observe them.
Those days, those days in which I used to sit in kitchen, and my mom used to give me roti (soft, sweet) , are getting rarer for me. I remember that small radio set, which was tuned continuosly for new radio stations. Mom is expert in this thing, she knows almost all radio stations. Even from places like Kuwait!!! Ab agla Ghazal pesh karne jaa rahin hain Peenaz Masani ... (The next Ghazal is from Peenaz Masani). Her voice was (and is) very fresh and similar to her voice she is a great beauty also. Mom and me show her first time on Television, through a program of Doordarshan. I dont know whether such type of programs will be broadcasted in future with the grace and attitude they had in those times. Aankh Jab Band Kiya Karte Hain ....
The range of Ghazals is very large, very powerful, they touch our internal, spiritual world. Here words get power, they teach us the relevance of life. Chitra, Jagjeet Singh and Pankaj Udhas are some of the great people who have really worked hard in this field. Zeendgi Chal Rahi Hain (Life is going on). The routes are unkown ... but a faith, an inner strength of truth will help ... I know. I am thinking of words from Mitalee and Bhupinder Singh ,
Logo Ki Nigahon Ko Padhlene Ki Aadat Hain,
Halaat Ki Tahrire Chehre Se Bachaye Rakhna ...
These lines are from Ghazal .... Raahon Pe Nazar Rakhna. This Ghazal has rich content and beauty of presentation is unmatchable.
....Ehsas Ki Shamma Ko Is Tarah Jalla Rakhna ,
Apni Bhi Khabar Rakhna Uska Bhi Pata Rakhna ...

Monday, April 3, 2006

IT, Employment and Socialism

Information Technology has been a boom in India. You can think of it as a sudden gift from God, which saved life of millions of Youth of India, who otherwise would have struggled hard for their survival. The period of 90’s changed economic scenario of India to a greater extent. Globalizations, new Investment policies, gradual end of license Raj, promotion of small industries were the key points. In the same period, cost of goods increased (almost two-three folds), average payment increased, the devaluation of rupee against dollar increased, social changes and ad world got sudden importance and while the decade ended a common conception of development (alias “India Shining”) came in picture. This all caused reformation of Indian Industries. 90s propelled the idea that most of Indian Public Sector Units are non-performing (it is a hard truth that they were among top of the world till 80s and they were called “temples of modern India”) and amid the situation that they are threat to development of Nation they were closed, sold or halted. This caused mass unemployment across the whole country, in addition to the normal unemployment that was there already. Interestingly, these all matter never got exhaustive discussion across media, and pain of common man was never entertained. In fact, news media (whose prime motive should be reporting and analyzing has largely concentrated on entertainment) attended this issue as if it is of remote importance and most of the authors concentrated on advantages of globalization only. So media, instead of providing mental food has become chutney provider only, thanks to writers like Shobha De.
IT is always compared with Industrial Revolution. Basically IT is service enabler and it works in conjugation with other Industries. This means it has certain dependency and group of IT companies will have switching importance according to type of work they are involved in. Like all Industries IT started with lot of hoopla and the claim was that, it produced more millionaires in India in last 10 years, what other Industries had produced in supplementary 40 years. This is inevitable because the working or labor class of IT is centered in India. Certainly those who are top guns of this labor class will have deep pockets. However, it can be seen that average payment across IT sector is gradually getting average out around of other sectors. In whole, payment scenario has not effectively changed from pre-90’s era. In fact as costs of good have increased marginally, the average living condition is as or more constrained as it was in pre-90’s era. However this time added factors like job insecurity, frequent changes in job nature, heavy job hours are getting predominant features. Other feature is that IT professionals are more or less somewhere not in touch with normal public, which makes them unaware of real issues.
Another scenario is that the terminology IT is getting multi meaning or aspects. In Indian context the IT industry section basically serves foreign needs – supporting foreign clients or becoming an Indian center for seamless entry in Indian market. My own view is that the technical environment present in Indian IT industry is way back compared to foreign ones, and most of the work involved there in is not for cutting edge technologies. This means it is just market that gets prime attention. The prime point is that IT industry is way remote to solve problems that are natural to a huge poor population that India comprises. In fact it will be senseless to provide those solution which work for countries like US.
The whole situation presents a great degree of instability. May be you can say that India will get some millionaires from Biotech, Polymer or IT industry pool, but at the same time gradual weakening of fundamental Industries needs serious concern. One of the problems of modern young generation is that it wants to leave in separation from society or it is destined to live in that way. This somehow eases life for some people, but our country so far has believed in social/community responsibilities. Formation of a creamy layer will make societies divided. It will further the problem of discontentment among mass public. The fact is that for normal public (youth) government jobs are shrinking, private Industry offer demanding pressure, less insurance and perk, education is getting costlier, so a large degree of dissatisfaction will evolve. Again, in present age it will be harder for government to address these problems (it can’t create employment at one go), so there is a need of some ulterior way to address the problem. What is that way?
First of all India should concentrate needs of its common public. The whole economic events that surmounted India in last 10-15 years seem to appease the upper class. The development that is reflecting from news paper pages is rather hollow. India will have to become stronger internally. This means it will have to revert back to the social values, harmony (which is not just in context of religions) and a culture of social responsibility of one peer to another peer needs to be generated. This means basic amenities like food, cloth, shelter and education (of good level) must be assured of. I know that for many people this will be impractical approach, but then living in bubbling chaos is of what worth? In the due process, India must also create an environment of brotherhood with neighbor countries and should refrain from diplomatic policy of playing the role of Big Brother. This will help it get closer to social concerns. The multicultural and multilayered paradigm of Indian society should have enough digestion power; otherwise it will create anarchists among us. I think aforementioned issues are as important as Black Noise Project or RDB wave. Think of it ... think of poverty in India. Feel the pain.

Anyways, my friend Naveen K Sharma, gmailed =>gtalked this small poem:-

Ek Trainee tha anjana sa.......... coding karne se woh darta tha........ Copy paste karke, idhar udhar se.............. pooch ke coding kiya karta tha.............. Choree choree........ chupke chupke.......... discussions mein soya karta tha... Jab delivery honee hotee thee raat raat bhar jagta tha... Kuch aata nahee tha usko............ jane kaise deliver karta tha.............. Jab bhee milta tha kisee doosre developer se, unse poocha karta tha... Coding kaisee hotee hai,.................. yeh coding kaisee hotee hai .............? Aur voh developers bas yahee kah paate the..... "Ankhe khulee ho ya ho band deedar code ka hota hai... kaise kahoo mai o yaro yeh code kaise hota hai..... tururururururururu ru
My Sister Nandita Saha, wrote a poem when she was in her 10-11th standards. An intelligent student, she always wants to major in Physics area. Hope god helps her.


If one day u feel like crying…. call me.

I don’t promise that I will make u laugh….

But I can cry with u.

If one day u want to run away…

Don’t be afraid to call me

I don’t promise u to ask u to stop

But I can run with u.

If one day u don’t want to listen to any one… call me.

I promise to be there for u.

I promise to be very quiet.

If one day u want to be alone, just remind me.

I promise I shall not disturb u

But I promise to bring more calm for u.

If one day u feel like crazy…

Give a knock to me.

I don’t promise to make u normal

But I can listen to ur heart………

If one day u feel not very special

Just look at me, I don’t promise that I will make u special

But shall cross the ‘’not’’.

If one day u feel very sad

Click to me. I don’t promise to make u happy

But I promise to save the reason.

If one day u feel cold, just shiver

I don’t promise to cover u,

But to make u feel warm.

If one day u feel like ……………( u can’t write)

Show me the page, I don’t promise to make u write

But I promise to hold ur pen.

If one day ur tears seem unbearable,

Shed only a tear on me,

I promise I shall not weep it

But to carry ur tears.

If one day u become blind

I don’t promise that I can remove ur darkness

But can hold ur hand.

If one day we quarrel,

I don’t promise that I can stop the quarrel

Or to make u to stop

But make sure that I will tell the word SORRY first.

If one day u feel ‘’tomorrow will never come’’

Just tell me. I don’t promise to make u feel

That ‘’tomorrow will come’’

But can make ur today so special…………

If one day u feel ‘’all the things r over now’’

I don’t promise u that I can give ur life a brand new start

But u can start ur life with me or I will stop my life.

But if one day u call …….and there is no answer………

Come fast to see me……………….

Perhaps I need u.