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Hosur--Bangalore Express

Life is not a composition of big, quotable events, rather it comprises of small, gentle events that gives some shape to it. My friend Ratan, years back, advised me to hear Ghazals by Abida Parveen. These all Ghazals have Sufi touch, words are nicely chosen and ofcourse you need to be patient and calm enough to go through them. Unluckingly, FM channels, rarely braodcast Ghazals, they basically concentrate on film songs. Floodded with all sort of cacophony, some times we get pleasure of hearing some pieces by Lata, Mukesh or Rafi. It will take a level maturity when they will broadcast these words ... Gustak Annkhiya, Kithe Jaa Laddiya...
A good part of my time, I spend now days travelling through buses running on the road linking Housr to Bangalore. The rush, the crowd is simply gigantic, and if you want to learn patience, you can have a chance if you are travelling by 8A.M. or 6P.M. But truly speaking, this rush, this wait time, has never been killinng to me, and I almost enjoyed every moment of it ... thanks to the radio enabled mobile set that I have. In these 2hours time (almost, one hour in morning, one hour in evening), I think about my past life, I think about mom's food and many other things. At least for some time I come outside the artificial world, that I have and the time have made for me. Perhaps Mehdi Hassan's song gets relevance in those times, Ab Ke Hum Bichde To Shayad Khwabo Mein Milenge. Somewhere the soul is lost in this chaotic world, and those two hours helps me find them, to observe them.
Those days, those days in which I used to sit in kitchen, and my mom used to give me roti (soft, sweet) , are getting rarer for me. I remember that small radio set, which was tuned continuosly for new radio stations. Mom is expert in this thing, she knows almost all radio stations. Even from places like Kuwait!!! Ab agla Ghazal pesh karne jaa rahin hain Peenaz Masani ... (The next Ghazal is from Peenaz Masani). Her voice was (and is) very fresh and similar to her voice she is a great beauty also. Mom and me show her first time on Television, through a program of Doordarshan. I dont know whether such type of programs will be broadcasted in future with the grace and attitude they had in those times. Aankh Jab Band Kiya Karte Hain ....
The range of Ghazals is very large, very powerful, they touch our internal, spiritual world. Here words get power, they teach us the relevance of life. Chitra, Jagjeet Singh and Pankaj Udhas are some of the great people who have really worked hard in this field. Zeendgi Chal Rahi Hain (Life is going on). The routes are unkown ... but a faith, an inner strength of truth will help ... I know. I am thinking of words from Mitalee and Bhupinder Singh ,
Logo Ki Nigahon Ko Padhlene Ki Aadat Hain,
Halaat Ki Tahrire Chehre Se Bachaye Rakhna ...
These lines are from Ghazal .... Raahon Pe Nazar Rakhna. This Ghazal has rich content and beauty of presentation is unmatchable.
....Ehsas Ki Shamma Ko Is Tarah Jalla Rakhna ,
Apni Bhi Khabar Rakhna Uska Bhi Pata Rakhna ...


  1. For the first time I am very happy for you Reetesh. There is no beeter place than home and food that of mother's. Even I know we may not be able to have those lovely days again in near future as we are now grown-up and have to build our life-according to the rules of this world.
    I do spend a lot of my time doing the same thing you do for those two hours, even now also. I cry, laugh, enjoy with those beautiful memories of my past life.
    Remember, Reetesh life is something beyond what a normal guy lives here and I do feel we together will one day be able to build our own life on our own terms with our dreams.
    AND PLEASE PLEASE do continue to be in those memories because they are inevitable and integral part of our life and we should not miss any part of it as they are our inspirations and hope, on which our identity, what we call "wajud" becomes stronger and stronger.
    NEVER EVRER STOP THOSE THINGS EVEN IF YOU ARE BUSY. Today I feel you are trying to break your "PRISON" for the first time and please give it a hard try and don't worry because I am there with you.

  2. Perhaps you have not got the point that I wanted to state in "The Prisoner". Any way, lot of points some times go unexplained. BTW I liked your line -- "AND PLEASE PLEASE do continue to be in those memories because they are inevitable and integral part of our life."

    Keep coming ...

  3. mukul its really nice to read ur Hosur--Bangalore Express .its very touchy n after reading this i mesmerized my childhood days.when life was not very complicated fast n tiring.everything was soft sweet lik moms touch.even i do remember sunday rangoli n a serial named gul gulshan gulfam(dont ask story).ma is always gr8 who loves you without anyreason.c is not concerned wid ur achievement ur success or not even with ur failures.keep it up. priyanka

  4. Another lovely post.
    Thankgod it came finally,I was wondering meanwhile what happened to you??
    Indeed lives tend to become so chaotic these days that we dont get any time for inner retrospection and thinking about our lives.We just roll on whichever way life pushes us.
    Sometimes I wonder why its it that always its the past that seems better than the present and we get nostalgic about "the good old days" all the time.
    Anyway,music is another great interest of mine besides reading.
    And I would prescribe you to hear songs by Celine Dion,Bryan Adams and Backstreet Boys.You'll fall in love with the lyrics.So meaningful that they make me wonder how these westerners who take relationships so casually write such beautiful things about love.
    Do try them out.
    Take care.

  5. @priyanka -- Thanks Priyanka. You are right, childhood days are our ultimate assets. "Gul Gulshan Gulfam", I have seen it. I liked "Hum Log" and "Buniyaad", and one another one,oops, I am missing the name, mostly. Charyveti ...

  6. @Cin -- Yes, your writing says that you are an avid reader. I do also hear songs by Celine, Bryan, Backstreet Boys, and yes I like them. However, frankly speaking, I do like old hindi songs, particularly, realted to Sahir, mostly. But wait, someday in near future, I will go through all these Western and Indian music in more comprehensive way.
    I was here only. I am thinking about some new materials for my blog.
    Take Care


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