Saturday, October 22, 2005


The most striking feature of flowers is their color. You will find them laughing in the mid of a greenish world. They make you happy. Indian Roses (the deep red one) have always fascinated me. Six or seven years back my home had many Rose plants, almost 30-35. They were very small in size and were grown in an unorganized way. So if a person would enter in my home ground, he would rarely get any notice of those roses. But, come and sit, hey what is this, are there any rose plants around -- this was the common sentence of any new comer. I always took the privilege to become guide, and never I forgot to mention that those Rose plants were my work. My mom, papa and sister used to give a mysterious smile after mine that statement, but I was very fast to switch to other matter. In fact those Rose plants were hard work of my papa, mother and sister. I used to water them in the condition when the moral pressure on me becoming unbearable.
In those years once a person came to my house for selling some plants. My father was discussing with him about those plants and their cost. I don't know what occured to me, and without taking papa jee's consent I bought some plants by devaluing my pockets by about Rs.25. The sells person told me that this plant comes with flower having amazing scent, amazing colours and many things. I also joined his side and my family members simply kept silence. There was deep anguish and the after effect caused me to do plantation. It was raining and in the mid of that time I had to do plantation. Anyway the plantation was done. After several months plants(two) grew up. I have planted them near house gate. After some days flowers also come. They were of white color with no linkage of scent of any kind. There was no scent, no tracable beauty, nothing special. I had nothing to say. After some time I (and other family members) stopped taking care of it and it started guiding its life on own. No sentiment was linked to it and it was cut randomly sometimes, so as to contain its development.
May passed, June passed. The scorching rays of Sun caused much damage to plants at my home. Raining in July, August caused further damages. My mom was not able to find flowers for her puja. My colony which used to get flower from us were also clueless. However, they suddenly found my old plant standing happily at its place. There were thousands of white small flowers embellished in its body. The plant managed to fight all ill effects and was waving modestly with slow wind. My mom and colony persons pluck some flowers and used them for worshipping goddess Durga.
I was watching this. The book that I was reading became very vivid.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Marks --- The Supreme Factor

I still remember the words of one of my friend of BIT Sindri, (my undergraduate college) -"If she will know that some Professor will give 5 marks for attending some meeting/class, she will come back in the mid of her vacation days at home. A whole night route of 350kms will rarely matter". My friend has told some thing generic, applicable to many students and believe me marks(in exam) and grades are the most happening thing for many of the students of at least India. I remember one great incident. It was our ragging period. Some one told all students of our batch that you can get some question related matters at local market. This local market was almost 1.5km away from our hostel and was full of ultimate danger -- seniors. But, oh! god marks, many students went to market. Finally it was found that it was a game played by some of the seniors. I simply cannot enumerate all stories linked with marks.
In my whole life I got 0 marks once in my class 4th, in Science paper. Next time in the internal examination of Basic Electrical Engineering paper I got 4. In both cases I slept quite well in night and did not discuss with friends about paper. Lot of saving and accumulation of energy! Once for Digital Electronics paper I slept for only 3 hours in night (it was the first time in my life that I awake till 1AM for studies) and when I was writinng papers I was really cofused. I think I got trapped in the Marks jungle. If Government of India tells its employees that they will award them Rs.1000/month or deduct the same amount if they will get (or not get) 'A' grade in an examination paper conducted on the basis of their work matters, do you know what will happen, everyone will start working less, everyone will start mugging last year papers, a publisher will come up with exam guide and yes one night game (a phenomenon of studying whole book, even complete Bible/Geeta(all shlokas)/Kuran/..., in one night) will eventually get started. The punchline sometimes becomes (as my friend Manish at BIT said) -- whatsoever be the Question, answer will be something that I memorised. Believe me, in many cases the term teacher will become a dictionary extras if there will be no Marks/Grade issue. Perhaps this is exaggeration but can you try it ? Can the Government or VC's try it ?
End -- In a free e-book called "Theory of Probability", they say that marks of a student can be modelled based on Markov chain. My request to the Author(or who is modelling) is to limit the size of solution for this method, so that it can be mugged in 20 minutes (still too much) in night before examination(if there is good chance that it will come in examination.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

91FM and VividhBharti

FM has revolutionized its importance. I remember those days when my mother used to tune in RADIO solely for the purpose of BBC Hindi and people felt this slightly out of date. But gradually over last 4-5 years the RADIO world has changed and you will find mini (micro) radio sets very common.
In my childhood days I used to watch those part of movies which had lot of fight scenes. I simply disliked usual scenes and long conversations were simply bore. Then with time I got interested in VividhBharti which means to me complete melody. The most pleasant time hour in my undergraduate college, BIT Sindri, were sitting on my chair, doing something and hearing those eternal songs. I really salute people at VividhBharti for their great work. When I came here in IIITb, I found many things to entertain me. One is obviously my dearsome laptop with almost every time net connectivity and thus eventual connection to music webistes. However again the RADIO object got my attention and again it meant sole entertainment for me. For sometime I started watching TV but then again it is not my cup of tea. TV is very hard to handle considering the way they want to entertain you. However this time my RADIO companion is not only VividhBharti but 91FM also. Still VividhBharti has edge in mine perspective as the songs and the presentation makes my soul feel enlightened. FM is also good but ROSHAN is no longer anchoring on RADIO FM here in Bangalore and rest anchors do not appear so closer to ones domain of thought. They are good, but their emphasis is certainly less than VividhBharti.
Anyway one cause of writing this note was because of one of the VividhBharti program which broadcasted all of my favourite songs today. Government, please never privatise VividhBharti.