Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Inner Web

Am I a coward? I often ask this question to myself. In the due course of my life I always think whether I have yelled for frequent, short-cut successes. I cannot ignore answering this question, I think no one can, until you are living in completely self-unconscious environment. In the age of getting frequent successes it is now inevitable for people to ignore other people silently. So what is the meaning of being coward? Again, definition changes with people, with time, with situation. But when I talk with myself, I think that when a person lets another person suffer trauma of morally broken down then he is coward. You are coward when a person who believes in you for truth is betrayed by you. You are coward when just for having ice creams you don't take care of hunger of your fellow. So cowardice is not just the act of leaving the battle ground, it’s a kind of omnipotent phenomenon.
Once I was going to college from my hometown. A person on the railway station throw sweet packet in one of the dustbins near a shop. I saw a child aged 5-6 borrowing that packet, and tried to eat sweet leftovers stuck with plastic wrapper. I was also eating something ... but for the full time I did not have courage to offer those children (alongwith that child) something to eat. The children were very thin, bare-footed and with no signs of childhood pleasures. Next time when I was returning from college to home, I found another thing very amazing. A 4-5 (yes not more than this age) told me to give one rupee coin. I gave him Re.1 coin. Her sister aged even less then him, came, demanded and got the amount from me. Oh! God ... a group of children looped around me and they were demanding coins. I simply escpaed. I found the first boy, taking thrown cigarettes (yeah he was just 4-5), smoking it ... demonstrating his skills ... still it was totally childish act. I saw all these things ... thought about it ... and left the matter dumped somewhere.
We all as a human being are becoming unconscious about our small world in which we live in. How can we expect other person to understand our pains when everyone here is in their own nonsense business? No one will feel problems of your life -- career, health, whatever. No one will truly praise you. There are some self-loops threading inside you only. So, being a coward I am just blogging like many others!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Grades -- Quantization Error

"... It is rumored that some professors decide grades by tossing coins ...."
-- The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. II, DE Knuth
In my school days the marks that a student used to get in terminal exams had a resolution of 0.5. Importantly, if you get 24.5 in some paper there was good chance that it will get modified to 25. Good!!! So it was natural to try for at least an increment of 0.5. Nice. Whatever be the situation the quantization error was at most 0.5. Meanwhile I think that the system was quite fair and their was no short-cuts. I moved to colleges where although the phenomenon of quantization error was still prevalent but other factors emerged. Contacts, mugging (although it was in school also; but in colleges mugging was done knowingly), cheating and many many other political games.
Well with time I came in a college where huge quantization error also came in picture. They call this quantization phenomenon as grades. Whatever be the interpolator you will use you could not get some picture of talent by using these grades. See an example of a subject, where grades were distributed as, 70+ 'A', 35-69 'B' .... and like this. This is great. Now these pictures of 'A' and 'B' are often used to represent oneself, so a person having score of 36 and other having 69 will smile together. Yeah they should smile together. Interestingly I found that students still do cheat(before coming to examination hall they pray Goddess saraswati (minerva) --- God Help me to write paper in a good way, God help me to get success ... blah, blah, blah ...) . If you are not cheating ... you should die. If you are reporting that some malpractice has ocurred ... they say, where it has ocurred, we were there,... what rubbish you are talking!!! Now after some hours of mental trauma, you come to the conclusion ... it is hard to believe in human beings in context of truth. There is none.
So Pinky cheats, Rocky copies, hitech Guy does manipulation and Mr.Ass gets beaten. Next day you will find them discussing issues in this country called India, and very very worried!!!
So this great person, DE Knuth, has rightly quoted above mentioned line in his book, The Art of Computer Programming.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Right Time

When one should say truth ?
When one suffers trauma of being cheated?
What is the meaning of honesty in current Indian context?
What faces tell us?
What we are living for?
Luckily no one tells me to answer these questions. However as every body does, I too, ask these questions to myself. Interestingly I have found many people asking these questions to themselves. I found a Professor asking the question to himself (via a blog), a girl saying that she asks these questions to herself(while she is deeply engaged in yahoo-messenger) in a straight forward way and a 47 year old father who has already asked (and got answers) these questions to himself. The answers are different for each person. Moreover each person has a set of answers; depending upon scenario.
So I am confused. I don't know the thoughts of people. The professor is deeply involved in blogging with his hi-tech, mathematically fit (are there more synonyms for Mathematics) students on varied thoughts about Indian problems. I think they are real patriots of this country. Open source, IEEE papers, e-books will revolutionize this country ...
The girl knows what to do when. She knows that good job and good food alongwith 8-10 hours of y-messenger per day means lot of peace. She also has got answers to above questions. She is going to become new face of India ... her thoughts will make the world having democratic approach towards her.
And father .... his thoughts is that the answers to above questions are so trivial that considering them is super wastage of time. So he is busy explaining his child, -- new innovations for successful life.
In any case answers differ. But their theme is the same. Good morning India ... you have finally got a new paradigm of thinking process -- we now have new definition of honesty and new methodology of working.

A Game called Duggu

I went to a village last month(December). Earlier villages seemed to be full of life with lot of people wandering with no usual intention. The culture was very friendly. However now days villages seem to be only half full. People in villages look for opportunities to migrate outside with thousands of reasons, -- education, medication, employment, life style and many other things. I found lot of peace at village and I think given a chance I can do all of my work at village . However I know that people will warn me that I am turning to become impractical.
Anyways ...
I met a child of about 6-7 years who is in standard 1(in the village). I saw his school bag which reminded my school days. Those small bags ... launch box ... and many things ... a world in itself. Suddenly I found in one of the packets of the bag .... hundreds of wrappers(empty) of chewing nuts. I saw a small circular piece of brick. I told the child about the reason. He replied that they play a game called "Duggu". What this duggu is? The first player throws his brick and the second player has to throw in such a way that his birck should fall within a radius of palm length. If the second player does so he wins one wrapper otherwise he has to give a wrapper. Oh! Nice. I tried to screw him little -"but how you are measuring the palm length, from the cnetre of brick or from where." He was able to comprehend the meaning of my question but I think he found no necessity of giving any answer.
Their are many games like Duggu. Books are getting costlier, so I found these children using torn books. They can't buy superman or heman magazines (these magazines are very costly). In their whole career path their normally comes a day when they have to close their class sequence prematurely.