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Am I a coward? I often ask this question to myself. In the due course of my life I always think whether I have yelled for frequent, short-cut successes. I cannot ignore answering this question, I think no one can, until you are living in completely self-unconscious environment. In the age of getting frequent successes it is now inevitable for people to ignore other people silently. So what is the meaning of being coward? Again, definition changes with people, with time, with situation. But when I talk with myself, I think that when a person lets another person suffer trauma of morally broken down then he is coward. You are coward when a person who believes in you for truth is betrayed by you. You are coward when just for having ice creams you don't take care of hunger of your fellow. So cowardice is not just the act of leaving the battle ground, it’s a kind of omnipotent phenomenon.
Once I was going to college from my hometown. A person on the railway station throw sweet packet in one of the dustbins near a shop. I saw a child aged 5-6 borrowing that packet, and tried to eat sweet leftovers stuck with plastic wrapper. I was also eating something ... but for the full time I did not have courage to offer those children (alongwith that child) something to eat. The children were very thin, bare-footed and with no signs of childhood pleasures. Next time when I was returning from college to home, I found another thing very amazing. A 4-5 (yes not more than this age) told me to give one rupee coin. I gave him Re.1 coin. Her sister aged even less then him, came, demanded and got the amount from me. Oh! God ... a group of children looped around me and they were demanding coins. I simply escpaed. I found the first boy, taking thrown cigarettes (yeah he was just 4-5), smoking it ... demonstrating his skills ... still it was totally childish act. I saw all these things ... thought about it ... and left the matter dumped somewhere.
We all as a human being are becoming unconscious about our small world in which we live in. How can we expect other person to understand our pains when everyone here is in their own nonsense business? No one will feel problems of your life -- career, health, whatever. No one will truly praise you. There are some self-loops threading inside you only. So, being a coward I am just blogging like many others!!!


  1. This is a line from one of my fave movies..."Courage is not the absense of fear,it is the judgement that something else is more important than fear".
    You know cowardice acts much in the same way...sometimes you got your own set of problems which holds you from being outright and stand up to be a rebel.
    Do you think that would be labelled as cowardice??

  2. Yeah that should be labelled as cowardice. You are right. But then ... is there any requirement that cowardice originates from persons reluctancy to not become "rebel".

    Consider this situation ... suppose there occurs a theft ... you know who is thief ... Mr.A who is not the thief is caught by administration... still you kept silence. I think the biggest sin in many of the cases is keeping mum. It destroys faith!

  3. Thats absolutely true man.
    Any man who doesnt stand up for truth in situations like that is either some kinda psycho or probably is too damn afraid of raising his voice.
    By the way,thnx for dropping by my blog.


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