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Right Time

When one should say truth ?
When one suffers trauma of being cheated?
What is the meaning of honesty in current Indian context?
What faces tell us?
What we are living for?
Luckily no one tells me to answer these questions. However as every body does, I too, ask these questions to myself. Interestingly I have found many people asking these questions to themselves. I found a Professor asking the question to himself (via a blog), a girl saying that she asks these questions to herself(while she is deeply engaged in yahoo-messenger) in a straight forward way and a 47 year old father who has already asked (and got answers) these questions to himself. The answers are different for each person. Moreover each person has a set of answers; depending upon scenario.
So I am confused. I don't know the thoughts of people. The professor is deeply involved in blogging with his hi-tech, mathematically fit (are there more synonyms for Mathematics) students on varied thoughts about Indian problems. I think they are real patriots of this country. Open source, IEEE papers, e-books will revolutionize this country ...
The girl knows what to do when. She knows that good job and good food alongwith 8-10 hours of y-messenger per day means lot of peace. She also has got answers to above questions. She is going to become new face of India ... her thoughts will make the world having democratic approach towards her.
And father .... his thoughts is that the answers to above questions are so trivial that considering them is super wastage of time. So he is busy explaining his child, -- new innovations for successful life.
In any case answers differ. But their theme is the same. Good morning India ... you have finally got a new paradigm of thinking process -- we now have new definition of honesty and new methodology of working.


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