Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Game called Duggu

I went to a village last month(December). Earlier villages seemed to be full of life with lot of people wandering with no usual intention. The culture was very friendly. However now days villages seem to be only half full. People in villages look for opportunities to migrate outside with thousands of reasons, -- education, medication, employment, life style and many other things. I found lot of peace at village and I think given a chance I can do all of my work at village . However I know that people will warn me that I am turning to become impractical.
Anyways ...
I met a child of about 6-7 years who is in standard 1(in the village). I saw his school bag which reminded my school days. Those small bags ... launch box ... and many things ... a world in itself. Suddenly I found in one of the packets of the bag .... hundreds of wrappers(empty) of chewing nuts. I saw a small circular piece of brick. I told the child about the reason. He replied that they play a game called "Duggu". What this duggu is? The first player throws his brick and the second player has to throw in such a way that his birck should fall within a radius of palm length. If the second player does so he wins one wrapper otherwise he has to give a wrapper. Oh! Nice. I tried to screw him little -"but how you are measuring the palm length, from the cnetre of brick or from where." He was able to comprehend the meaning of my question but I think he found no necessity of giving any answer.
Their are many games like Duggu. Books are getting costlier, so I found these children using torn books. They can't buy superman or heman magazines (these magazines are very costly). In their whole career path their normally comes a day when they have to close their class sequence prematurely.

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