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A Very Common Journey - I


    Usually "Preface" to some literature provides glimpses of the whole  diction - its structure, theme, context. However this is not the case here. I am writing something which is to be published in form of posts (not one post but several posts, forming part of the whole) of this blog, and thus chances of restructuring it - the way we do while writing books or columns, rereading, proofreading, and re-infusing meaning to  the words, phrases are not possible. This is just a product out of a sudden Vision, which came only a few hours ago, while I thought to slow down attention to events, events which we observe - of which we need not be a part, - something like applying a slow motion camera to record what we see or hear. Very slow capturing of the events which ultimately hint some Vision. So what will arrive, will be a natural, unconscious flow out of the Vision. I feel I am in the same situation, the way Agyay was, while writing preface to his book - &qu…