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I studied Antenna twice, once in under-grads, next time in post-grads. When I studied Antenna in under-grads there happened to be a situation of third world war, among boys and girls. There were issues of Syntax and Semantics. Boys have tendency to flick letters of words and Girls have tendency to cry on everything which  distantly or by implication induces immorality. When I studied Antenna in post-grads, I disliked the way our Professor was teaching the subject-matter; it was quite rushed, may be he had to go out for shopping with his Wife or may be he didn't want to tread into Philosophy of Antenna. But my empathy with Antennas is not just associated with these two era. It has its role in popular culture as well.

First in those days [of my childhood] there was immense popularity of  Television Serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata. People who were phobic towards this Western creation - called Television, had bought TV sets or they flocked in neighborhood. On Doordarshan they used…