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Beginning of Tour - II

So, then I left for New Delhi, with the info that travel guys at my office have booked  itinerary  in Hotel Diplomat - sounding quite a classical name; with really classy images of it on web. But what you see is what you get  remains a wish in the Industry of Hotel, and then it is New Delhi. They significantly charged my office, and the room appeared too small, and some of the glasses (on almirah ) were tilted, almost giving the warning - hey, I  may put you in the company of Doctors. I managed. Managed my stay. Managed to stay. New Delhi was hosting CWG - Common Wealth Games in October, and security services made it appear like a fort. Or may be a Jail. It could be an idea that people may choose Delhi as a Tourist place just to watch neatly clad Security persons in different colors and decorations. The next day, after giving VISA interview, and after getting cheated by the Taxi Driver or better to call  their management, I then rushed to Ratan's room, near Delhi University, near…

Beginning of Tour - I

It so happened that for VISA interviews I had to go to New Delhi, almost in a chaotic condition. And I discussed this with Ratan, my friend since ages, and of few friends who are in New Delhi. Since VISA interview was on Thursday so it seemed lucrative to take vacation on Friday, and then go for Saturday and Sunday. Altogether four days of vacation, - four days often appears to us who are affixed to daily cycle of job and schedules as good enough to capture every essence of world. Four days, you know ! So my mind flickered with innumerable ideas - from going to Vaishno Devi to Himachal to even to Kathmandu or like North-East of India . Ratan too played his role towards every unsettling; and we both never amply considered the means to travel. Or may be, Ratan just wanted me to stay with him, and see the world the way he perceives. Some people still ascribe some ideology to me and with this presumption they want to alter me. When I am confused about my own ideologies or when I really wo…

A Very Common Journey - I


    Usually "Preface" to some literature provides glimpses of the whole  diction - its structure, theme, context. However this is not the case here. I am writing something which is to be published in form of posts (not one post but several posts, forming part of the whole) of this blog, and thus chances of restructuring it - the way we do while writing books or columns, rereading, proofreading, and re-infusing meaning to  the words, phrases are not possible. This is just a product out of a sudden Vision, which came only a few hours ago, while I thought to slow down attention to events, events which we observe - of which we need not be a part, - something like applying a slow motion camera to record what we see or hear. Very slow capturing of the events which ultimately hint some Vision. So what will arrive, will be a natural, unconscious flow out of the Vision. I feel I am in the same situation, the way Agyay was, while writing preface to his book - &qu…

What Hooks me Crooks me !

Am of the idea; to evolve the jungle. Jungle with Cheetah and Bison. Jackals and Fox. Cobra and Pythons. Doves and Eagles. The fully evolved Jungle. Greenish everywhere and no one knows others mind; yet everybody suspects there is some rule, some law. Some law of appearance and disappearance. Some law of violence and negotiations. Of handshakes and pranks. In the due course of judgment Pigeons and Peacock meet, Lions and Tigers talk; they all meet, they try to find the rules. They estimate the effectiveness and universality of the rules and so they create rules, rules of rules, rules of rules of rules, and then this hierarchy suddenly collapses to rules. ... Then the Chimpanzee says - the wisdom of thoughts does come only from those rules which lack any element temperamental to the sudden visuals of the Jungle. The rules of Jungle are from outside.