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Me in 2007

I am on track! I am on track of the adventure, we call it Mathematics and Physics. 2007 effectively taught me that the satisfaction that one gets in doing Mathematics, is way ahead of any work human being can do. Of course people get satisfied by doing hard work in their corresponding field, but the longevity of any Mathematical duty is everlasting. If something is a prime number, it will be always a prime number!
My tour from a General Physics lover to Electronics engineering to Computer Science to an Embedded System Engineer was neither smooth, nor I got any any sincere help from academia or people surrounding me. None from any of my friends! Doing Maths, which earlier involved fundamentals of computing, often involved stuffs which have no direct use in Industry. For example, I succeeded in getting into Variational Calculus, Geometry of fourth Dimension, and Lambda Calculus, Relativity; and of course I am on the way to study Nicholas Bourbaki book. But can you write themin your resu…

India in 2007

When I read the situation of democratic values in countries like Russia, China, middle east, and many other countries of world, I think we worked very hard to inculcate the larger sense of democracy in the ethos of Indian diaspora. Yes we have NarendraModi, BuddhadebBhattacharjee; nevertheless our fundamentals of democracy are too strong to be easily shaken. Indian politics has not been extremely idiot on major issues involving prolong interest of country. I will not delve deep into analytics, and so I have just compiled some points which were critical to India in 2007:-
SanjayDutt's Imprisonment. The TADA court verdict stirred many a debate regarding the purposes of punishment. If a person has improved himself, or realised his fault, what should be the action of law? Or, what should be the motive or methodologies of any punishment. Are criminals or frequent law breakers can be cured? Can people like SanjayDutt should be "punished" to work as a normal member of some NGO …

The condition of Science

Though Mathematics and Physics are the most enrich and deeply developed fields, they are not getting prime attention from academia for many years. I thought that the situation is prevailing only in India, but it seems it has become a global epidemic. A Babe in the Universe is a blog by beautiful researcher L. Riofrio, working in the field of Cosmology. I initially thought that like many women she will be jelling with "life-is-a-saga-of-poetic-events" kind of attitude, but luckily that is not the case. Her blog is sincere approach towards disseminating knowledge of Cosmology in particular, and Physics in general. In one of her articles, Big Trouble in Little Particles, she has precisely pointed out the sorry state of affair between State and Physics:-
The world of particle physics is getting small indeed. The UK budget is caught between Northern Rock and Southern Iraq. On December 11 the UK announced withdrawal from the International Linear Collider. One week later December 18…

Social Analytics and Narendra Modi's Victory

This is a different time. This is a different generation. Youth of present India, who comprise major population of it, are not able to differentiate between Goodness or Badness. The definitions are blurred, often twisted, and sometimes in moral contradiction. Clever politicians should understand this notion. So when the Hinduism card is not working in India (people do get bored of monotonous slogan) , when people are recognizing the rhythm of "India Shining" ( Vajpayee government had fallen not because of this slogan, rather the confusion, the mutual contradiction of thought prevailing in the middle class of India at that time to accept the changes ) and when India suffers the most of Islamic terror; a radically polarized view point of "Moditva" arose. This surely is not a moralistic pathway; it has nothing to do with projecting ideologies of a religion (like Pope does often) though it uses religion to secure its position, and the followers will have to be hard on…

No More Ads

I know those who know me, would not have liked the idea of putting ADs on this blog. Chillax, I have cleaned them, :-). Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disco song for all of you:-

The Elements of Indian Socialism --- Preface

The Indian society has a history of its own kind of Socialistic flavor, mostly based on social interactions, though in last hundred or some more years, sets of different kind of socialism were identified. It was the intent of larger Indian community to seek glimpses of Socialism in Hinduism, Nehruism, Marxism, Gandhism and many of the ideologies enunciated by people like JaiPrakashNarayan, Ram ManoharLohia, VinobaBhave. However such type of intent often got blurred, one reason was the nascent stage of democracy in India. Since the values of a society changes with time, so the level of maturity that the society has achieved so far, will still have to be dynamic. Indian society was not excellent in Science, Arts, Music and in many other skill sets, when you will compare it with some of the prominent society of other part of world, however it certainly got benefited from a bunch of leaders, who were often very educated, and helped India adapt to new ideas (which were often inspired from…

Nalini Singh ...

We have heard about Arundhati Roy and VS Naipaul, but masses read Sidney Sheldon or Robert Ludlum. No doubt these people will like Nalini Singh's novels. This Nalini Singh is not the famous Journalist, sister of Arun Shourie, often coming on Doordarshan; rather she is a famous author, author of some "bestselling" books. Check her blog ...
Do women write on politics or International relations ? I do not have any idea ...

Books I could not get

Yesterday I went to IISc (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) to buy some Mathematics book with rigorous treatment of subject matter. The Tata Book House residing inside the campus is famous for range of books in the areas of Science/Technology. Further since IISc is top quality research center of India, it is expected that book store (ofcourse libraries will have all range of books) can be interesting buyer stop. But this time I was very much disappointed as I could not find high end Mathematics book which should be common for such an Institute.
No book on algebraic set theory.None of Nicolas Bourbaki's books.No book on Riemannian Geometry/SurfaceSingle book on Calculus of VariationVery few and elementary books on Complex Analysis.I have no idea why there are so many books on computer programming. Interestingly the book store did not have any book on latest advancements in Computer Science.

Oh! I forgot, power point slides are the way classes are taken these days (my MTech Inst…

An Interview of Noam Chomsky by Michael Shank on Indian-Pak relationship

The Army regime of Pakistan has perhaps entered its last phase. Religious fundamentalism has become the source of unstability through out whole world for a peaceful society, since cold war. With the likes of people like Arjun Singh and Karan Thapar (believe me I place both of them in same category, both are idiots in their own way of thinking and spelling the causes of society); and people like Narendra Modi, Karunanidhi and ofcourse Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee our Indian society has gone through serious religious, social turbulence. My own thought is that the middle class of India has forgotten its idealism, vision and consciousness towards each other. I will study this thing exhaustively in coming months; however I am sure for a country having limited resources and such a big population this will have worst of all impacts. Noam Chomsky is definitely few of those people who have balanced study of the diplomatic nerves of world. He has aptly pointed the key problem that confronts India a…


Though Cin has some kind of "firebrand" nature of posts, but often they become nice(rich) example of Lolism. Her last post, the Dumb Blond, was not jerky, it was picturesque; it appears surreal though you think a bit, its a complete unadulterated truth. No doubt Keshi, picked the theme with Lara Croft like pace, and now so, the whole Dumbness issue has become academic matter of Girl's world. Spice up yourself. Yesterday (28th), at 3AM when I was cajoling with my laptop, I saw Cin's post, and I was sure the day will have funny moments. So when I entered into coffee room of my office, sipping self made half water - half milk-little sugar with a lot of tea infusions diffusing randomly to create some intelligent order, tea, I found myself as a grand spectator of heatly Cricket discussion. Remember, India has taught me that the easiest way to kill your time is to be in mid of a cricket, politics or SRK-Amitabh-Bollywood discussion. (By the way, such type of Indian philos…

Quickies Status

You may be thinking that I have stopped posting to my technical blog, Quickies, however I have serious plans to reframe it. The real problem is blogger, which does not provide enough resources to edit a technical blog. Or may be I have lot many requirements which blogger need not provide. Some of the requirements are:-
Latex support.Tabbed windows for post/discussion/comments.Ability to open links in tabbed window within a post.Highly linked posts.And many more ... nice visuals, graphic tools, etc.I am planning to do some javascript coding, my own design of templates. So please wait for updates/changes at Quickies for few months.

Is Education becoming too costly ... ? Part 3

Economy, Education and The Balance -- Consider the expenses when one studies for M.B.B.S degree at Private Medical colleges. Based on common information, it seems to be any thing between 10Lac to 30Lac rupees. If we add expenses for MD degree, this will come close to 50Lacs. With such a huge investment over studies, it is likely that the degree holder will look for smart returns. Clearly opening door gates of medical education on the basis of huge expenditure is not good for society. Another thing that I have observed over the years is Industry and Institute interaction. If the bias of Industry is towards education, then things are in balance. The concerned student will have strong foundation which will help him in future to build his career. However because of the economic interest of companies, involvement of teachers in financial benefits and prime interest of students in employment, the whole education process gets severely damaged. Economy and Education should have a balance, a…

Is Education becoming too costly ... ? Part 2

So, as I observed, there was dilution of courses and examination right from primary school level. Sadly, there was no effort from the system to solve this problem at College level (under graduate level). Under graduate studies is no longer easily available for all economic categories of society.

Unorganized and costly Under Graduate studies --- an average Indian is not economically strong. There is no respect in society towards people who have good education, though society respects people who have thick purse, who have wealth. Under graduate studies are foundation stone for skill sets a man should have, to grow his career in comprehensive way. However instead of developing their skill sets most of the students are preparing for public/private service examinations. This, earlier, involved students preparing for Indian/State Government examinations, ranging from Banking services, Railways, PSUs to UPSC, Defense. For those who wanted technical skills, IIT-JEE, state examinations, AIIMS w…

Is Education becoming too costly ... ?

Thus, I am back to Bangalore. It was (as should be) very nice and refreshing Home going, also the social thinker within me was kept alive (in silent mode) and lot a many social fabrics were unthreading themselves in my imagination. I do not have wide study of Social constructs, neither I have the chance to participate in any relevant discussion, so I am not going to make any assertion, rather it will be a compilation. Of the many a things that touched my mind set during this journey, education was one of them. Particularly the cost of a "good" education can be any thing these days. Also, degrees are easily available for those who have money. This essentially means, you can buy engineering, medical, business management and many other degrees.
Dilution of Courses and Examination -- The standard 10th and 12th examination (CBSE) has become lot easier. I have heard of Sample Papers being distributed among students, in KendriyaVidyalaya (they conduct pre-exam tests using these pap…

Going To Home

Finally, going to home ... and for almost 10 days. So guys, I will not be updating this blog for those days. Moreover, I have planned to meet Janki Vallabh Shastri, noted poet, will discuss condition of Socialism in society with people and will watch lot of movies in Cinema Halls!

Nandigram's Diwali

Places like Nandigram are not on the map of shining India. Actually shining India does not need places like Nandigram, Singur, Mukundapuram, Kalahandi, Palamu and many other small towns. Most of these places are occupied by unprogressive people, or you call them uncivilized people. The definition of civilization can be very tricky for analytical engineers, but in shining India the definition is very explicit --- the one who thinks he has the moral right to get all comforts of world. Actually the world of shining India is addicted of doing revolutions. They disliked the normal functioning of Public Sector Units (PSUs) , so they put a logical point -- it is not the job of Governments to run PSUs, and they started closing them. It thinks that Industries should be frequent in its operations, so there came a group of unlisted daily workers. It has done lot many things --- it diluted the conception of socialism, it gave us politicians who do not need to discuss over issues --- they should n…


"Do, you have this T-Shirt in XL size ?". Actually I took "M" size TShirt as part of my Company gift few days ago, and since 6-pack is a very very remote idea to my own existence, so this time I was sure I will buy XL size T-Shirt from the shop.
"Sir, ... No sir, I think there is no XL size T-Shirt ... sir, you don't want L size T-Shirt ?". There were many "Sirs" in her lines, and they were not totally meant for me, She was actually perfecting her skill as sales woman.
"No ... I need XL size only?"
"Sir, please wait 2 minutes ... I think there is no more XL ... sir I will just look in store ... ?" The blue, light navy blue combination T Shirt, seemd to be comfortable and, very unusually I was on a shopping spree. In 5-6 minutes she came back, and ... "Sir do you want to try this ...?". She started to remove the cloth hanger, but her "just become boss" intervened ... "Don't open T-Shirt this wa…

Shiny Toy Guns --- Next Gen Ad

You would have watched this ad commercial(Motorola's RAZR 2), if you have browsed any (Indian) Television Channel:-

The Music of this ad is Technophonical and at the same time, cheesy, stylish and future gen type. Its from Shiny Toy Rock Band, and Lyrics goes like this:-

Hello little boys, little toys
We're the dreams you're believing
Crawling up the walls
Running down your face
Razor sharp, razor clean
Feel the weapon's sensation
On your back with loaded guns

Now hold on to me, pretty baby
If you wanna fly
I'm gonna melt the fever, sugar
Rolling back your eyes

We're gonna ride the race cars
We're gonna dance on fire
We're the girls Le Disko
Supersonic overdrive

So what's it gonna take, Silver Shadow believer?
Spock rocker with your dirty eyes
It's a chance
Gonna move, gonna fuck up your ego
Silly boy, gonna make you cry

Now hold on to me, pretty baby
If you wanna fly
I'm gonna melt the fever, sugar
Rolling back your eyes

We're gonna ride the race cars


If you keep on writing, it is sure you will find some improvement in yourself. I have not been doing the same for a while, and I think I need to be disciplined. I have given fresh look to this blog, thanks to the template from John Oxton. Meanwhile, my fast track technical blog, Quickies is getting shape. Actually Quickies will contain my frequent Science, Mathematics and Technical observations, and it will be semi-research, semi-chat kind of blog. Well, it will take one more week to get the shape, I have desired for it.
This blog will remain my personal blog, and I will really like to discuss human matters, many thing that I usually do not discuss with people,...and I do not want to impose any constraint over myself ... Amen...

Laptop Says I am Back ...

I was depressed quite a bit as my Laptop was not working smoothly for many a weeks. Actually, till last year my Laptop was in warranty period (HP), and HP service center guys have changed the motherboard, HardDisk perhaps 2-3 times during this period --- the usual problem was system not getting powered up (in simple language the Orange LED was not blinking ...). Almost similar kind of problem started popping up for some weeks, and my brother went to HP Service center, but then the charges were quite not affordable . They demanded some 2500 rupees for adapter, some 4000-5000 for battery, again some thousand rupees for CDROM ... and these charges were quoted before complete diagnosis. No doubt I told my brother to leave Laptop's checkup for few other months ...
When I wake up today morning, I saw my Laptop ... and its pale, silent state made be really worried. Suddenly, my sixth sense stepped in, and told me to play with the hardware aspects of the power adapter. Actually, earlier I…

Everything is in place

So, now I can say --"everything is in place". My backache is fine -- thanks to the roof, the plain, flat, hard roof ... that magically cured my back. My brother's study is also on track, and with time he is able to understand merit of hard work and I am finding that he has become curious towards many thing. Career of my sister is also on track ...
In last few days, I watched a lot of Television -- T20, the usual Aaj Tak chirrups, Music contests --Sa Re Ga Ma and Indian Idol and lot many movies(though in bit and pieces). These days, it seems that Electronic Media has reached to streets and on TV set you can hear street like noise. Obviously to make such noise, Electronic media needs lot many journalists where quantity often affects quality. When I was 10-12, I saw many movies and the rate was something like 2-3 movies per day (thanks to neighbors; two of them had video library shop). I think I have to wait for some years from now ... where there will be enough movi…

So how was my Birthday on 28th July

I will not say that I do not give special attention to my birthdays. Specially, I take some resolutions, some aims ...and, though resolutions do break ... but aims, interestingly always get accomplished(well my aims are not so heroic kinda). This time, I planned to celebrate my birthday myself. Actually, my brother who stays with me, was at home (my hometown) and my birthday was on Saturday this time, so I planned something new for my own goodness.
The first thing that came to my mind was to release my project "Tarang", which is one of my three personal, open source projects that I have planned to work on for rest of my life. Well "Tarang" is quite a bit technical at this stage, and at present it will be comprehensive to developers only. I chose 12O'clock, (the usual birthday bashing time) for its release. And yes, finally I released it ... I really felt nice at that moment --- it was not that I have submitted it at BOOST, or I have completely released it in…

Niyativaad ... Niyativaadi

God doesn't hear, so I kept telling to human beings, but human beings left me deserted... My friends often blame me, either for being optimistic or pessimistic ... but there lies an idea of being realisitic. Optimism infuses faith and confidence in people, but slight unsuccess often leads to catastrophe. Pessimistic approach always lacks creativity and has lot of resistance to vision. To keep, balance I often turn towards being realistic. I never made much observations, it is time that has tought me, to not expect much from human beings,-- they may be your friends, family or whoever. It also has tought me to stop thinking about yourself, about your own existence and sometimes about your own happiness. ... These all thoughts have somewhere a linkage with a game called "creativity". For me the status of accepting the situation ("niyati"), is the most courageous act.

Returning Back ...

I could not complete the sequence I have started in my last post. In fact this will be my first post in 2007. I will again keep writing about myself, my naive thoughts and the world I am involved in. It will be hard to continue writing from the point, where I have stopped in my last mail, but the jest is that after submerging my self in complete chaos, I reconfirmed my thought that platonic attitude towards life is though very dry, but it has great protective sense. We all know what life is composed of, what can be the possible forthcoming scenarios, ofcourse, there are lot of strange situations that can possibly evolve, but then still there are always some chance to do usual calculations. The twisting factor is that, though we observe things, neverthless we are element, we are pawn of the whole scenario. Experiments become tricky when we become part of it!