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Me in 2007

I am on track! I am on track of the adventure, we call it Mathematics and Physics. 2007 effectively taught me that the satisfaction that one gets in doing Mathematics, is way ahead of any work human being can do. Of course people get satisfied by doing hard work in their corresponding field, but the longevity of any Mathematical duty is everlasting. If something is a prime number, it will be always a prime number!
My tour from a General Physics lover to Electronics engineering to Computer Science to an Embedded System Engineer was neither smooth, nor I got any any sincere help from academia or people surrounding me. None from any of my friends! Doing Maths, which earlier involved fundamentals of computing, often involved stuffs which have no direct use in Industry. For example, I succeeded in getting into Variational Calculus, Geometry of fourth Dimension, and Lambda Calculus, Relativity; and of course I am on the way to study Nicholas Bourbaki book. But can you write themin your resume? Can you tell your friends that I was occupied in understanding infinity and Set Theory? Though, if you are developing open source your friends will fabricate your intentions. 2007 made me very, very mechanical!
It was an year when none of my friends tried to understand me, and left me really dry! Oh yes, there was a view --- nothing will affect you (that is me)! Dear all, your friend can be right or wrong, and the way he was actively involved in enriching part of your lifetime, he may go for some other duties too! Forget him, but do not do politics with him.
I may be bad or may be a good person, I do not want to know ... however there are many people and areas for whom I can play important role! This is what I am going to be in 2008.


  1. Freinds were there dear Mukul, but you were afraid to go to them who were as good in academics if not better than you. You just caught hold of those guys/gals on whom you could dictate your terms.Just introspect with clear mind and answer is in front of you.

  2. @anon--
    Statements like better or worse when subject to qualitative issues suffer ill definition. That said, to be concrete,

    1) You should not be anonymous. Are you afraid of my points ?

    2) Whoever I kept hold of, I think did their best work to the best of their skillset or understanding. Now again this is qualitiative.

    Remember, I often do Science/ Mathematics. Any point that is correct there are according to rules of those domain. If I appear as a dictator so are most of other people in Science/Mathematics.

    We need honestly hard working people.


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