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India in 2007

When I read the situation of democratic values in countries like Russia, China, middle east, and many other countries of world, I think we worked very hard to inculcate the larger sense of democracy in the ethos of Indian diaspora. Yes we have Narendra Modi, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee; nevertheless our fundamentals of democracy are too strong to be easily shaken. Indian politics has not been extremely idiot on major issues involving prolong interest of country. I will not delve deep into analytics, and so I have just compiled some points which were critical to India in 2007:-
  • Sanjay Dutt's Imprisonment. The TADA court verdict stirred many a debate regarding the purposes of punishment. If a person has improved himself, or realised his fault, what should be the action of law? Or, what should be the motive or methodologies of any punishment. Are criminals or frequent law breakers can be cured? Can people like Sanjay Dutt should be "punished" to work as a normal member of some NGO and achieve such and such results? This should of course take benefits of his star image.

  • Nandigram. For a major population of India, agriculture is still the single most important economic source. Though India has seen rapid development in Manufacturing and Services sector in last few years, same cannot be said about agriculture areas. Agriculture is not a highly profitable field. It is hard for a farmer having few acres of land to earn money for his development proposes, though he can manage to feed his family properly. The economic fabric in villages of course creates a protective umbrella, but then mischievous Industry can easily blow it. Thus there should not be hyper active desire of State/Industry to eat up agricultural land. However this happens, and has happened in Nandigram. The most cruel part was the insensibility of government towards the concern of poor villagers. India have not learnt respecting farmers, and if they will perish India will become hollow inside.

  • Shilpa Shetty & her tears in Big Brother. I am not a sexist. I am surely not a feminist, neither I have any logical intent to be anti-feminist. So when I am writing about Shilpa Shetty, women please do not get perturbed. Shilpa proved herself through media that she is cultural brand ambassador of India! That she represents modern India. And yes, she weeps too. She can make very very tasty chicken curry. She dances. She can tolerate infinite tortures, as many Indian women do. Her steps made such views floating in different corners of media in January this year. I have no point to disagree. However like her, Rakhi Sawant cries too. So does actors of many of those horrible K* Television serials. So does many women in India, who manages to get (technical) jobs, and have pathetic attention over their work. I have never seen any women fighting hard to be technically sound, though yes academically they are strong. Shilpa Shetty made me think on other question also --- why Indians are still so fond of British or American pats? After all, we all have conception of perfection. She also made me think that we lack intellectual inclination. Though she still needs Indian people to make her films hit, she feels honoured by British. Indian, and particularly women should be more courageous towards real intellectual issues, ;-).

  • Super Computer by India. India was in the race, and now world's fourth fastest super computer is from us. This will definitely broaden the range of computing currently available to India. Such type of developments are initially a research issue, and after some success, they gain large commercial/engineering interest. Dr Narendra Karmarkar (of Karmakar Algorithm fame)was involved in this project. I think people like him who are in the computing field should reach masses.Computing is a fundamental field, sharing questions common with Mathematics and Physics(Quantum Theory). Actually computing can be thought as a wing of Mathematics. Dr. Karmakar's involvement with masses (and also direct involvement of people like Dr. Ashoke Sen, Raj Reddy) will be a major boost for technical level of Indian students. Of course we have Abdul Kalam, or YashPal, but we need some one who teaches real technology to masses, some one like RP Feynman. Though we have some dozen of scientists who are doing great job, technical unfitness of majority of engineering or other technical field students is surely some thing that worries us.

  • Sports Country. Sports does not get prime attention from most of us, though movies like Chak De! are certainly a bang on such an erratic attitude. A lot of introspection is necessary to ascertain the elements which sets the standards of life, including a higher level of happiness. Sports plays bigger role in making a healthy, happy society. Chak De taught many such things. It's title song has become the unofficial sports song. Unluckily we do not have enough sports ground, and there are very few facilities commonly avaiable. The recent controversay over ICL/IPL and Hockey federations, do not have serious sports interest. However we all should play!

  • Hyderabad Bombs. India suffers terrorism more than any country of world. This time the center of attack in India was Hyderabad.
  • FloodGate. Bihar saw worst flood this year. Similarly water lodging problem in Delhi/Mumbai is a deep problem. Actually whole India has severe issues involving water. Be it Narmada or Kaveri. Our infrastructure is not up to date, and environmental problems are towering. Proper usage of water, and electricity should be strictly followed. Though media puts some emphasis on environmental matters (basically through celebs), coverage of floods/water lodging in different areas of India was extremely erroneous. I think water issues are more important than Kashmir issue.
    • Connection of Indian rivers is a major engineering endeavor. Though it can help us fight floods, the environmental aftereffect should be studied/researched deeply. This is surely the biggest engineering task that India should consider properly.
    • Nepal and Bangladesh should be properly involved in water management issues. Since they are either sink/source places of our rivers, there is a ncessity of political will in solving this problem.
    • Drainage system should be state of art. One can look into water purification, dirt filtration issues in the flow system, as well as in the back end there should be electronic surveillance system (along with the pipeline).A hi-tech central monitoring system of drainage is worth of attention.
    • Kaveri issue is a cake for politicians of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Is it possible to treat water supply and usage something similar on the lines of electricity supply and usage?
    • And a revolution involving plantation lot many herbs/shrubs/trees along the shores of river!
2007 was an year of silent progress for India. We did lot of introspection, and it is right time that we should make our basics strong!


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