Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nalini Singh ...

We have heard about Arundhati Roy and VS Naipaul, but masses read Sidney Sheldon or Robert Ludlum. No doubt these people will like Nalini Singh's novels. This Nalini Singh is not the famous Journalist, sister of Arun Shourie, often coming on Doordarshan; rather she is a famous author, author of some "bestselling" books. Check her blog ...
Do women write on politics or International relations ? I do not have any idea ...


  1. Why do have the need to categorise basing on the gender.....when it comes to talking about social issues...
    Is there anything wrond if women are concerned about the happenings of the society and wanna follow their freedom of speech ?
    Was the treatment given to Taslima Nasreen much more justified coz she was a woman ??
    Why raise the issue on the first case, that what sexdoes the speaker belong to only when the soeaker tends to be a female...????!!!!!
    If we are still surviving in chauvinistic and narcissistic times then why adverytise that we are seculars and democrats..???

  2. @Cin --- Categories are already there, and when their differences will dilute gender issues will not pop up. Echoing social/democratic/political issues and writing over them are two things. The treatment that Taslima got from Indian politics is not surprising, whatever fate it may bring to her. The issue of justification lies in a logically discussing environment. However as per as Taslima is concerned, she has been just an echoer. This is quite right and required.

    The intellectual issue is:- have we seen any woman (Indian subcontinent) writing on (which means she engineers, diagnoses, links) politics or International relations. Here the writer is not a narrator like Taslima.

    I have one name in my mind "Arundhati", unluckily she does not have much support from women!!!

  3. I totally support her and her endeavours though...

  4. @Cin --- I support her endeavours, :-)