Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Social Analytics and Narendra Modi's Victory

This is a different time. This is a different generation. Youth of present India, who comprise major population of it, are not able to differentiate between Goodness or Badness. The definitions are blurred, often twisted, and sometimes in moral contradiction. Clever politicians should understand this notion. So when the Hinduism card is not working in India (people do get bored of monotonous slogan) , when people are recognizing the rhythm of "India Shining" ( Vajpayee government had fallen not because of this slogan, rather the confusion, the mutual contradiction of thought prevailing in the middle class of India at that time to accept the changes ) and when India suffers the most of Islamic terror; a radically polarized view point of "Moditva" arose. This surely is not a moralistic pathway; it has nothing to do with projecting ideologies of a religion (like Pope does often) though it uses religion to secure its position, and the followers will have to be hard on development for if they loose steam their fate will be similar to Shiv Sena in Maharastra. Nevertheless it is not vandalism every time, it does not make situation as dim as SP/BSP/BJP made in UP, RJD made in Bihar; it is not as anarchist as Communists (actually they are ~communists) . It has religious flavor, though it is not casteist; and cast has created severe problems, to India. However "Moditva" shares its elements with Nazism or Fascism.
Unluckily, Indian media has degraded in terms of quality over the time. It seems the degradation is proportional to the corresponding process in Indian politics. Media should be critical to the threads of thought emerging in social dynamics; it should not make decisions rather it should stir analytical discussion, it should present all available points to public. I could not find any positive reasoning in the way media clashed with Narendra Modi over Gujarat election. Vinod Dua, who is a complete mediocre and has many a purposes other than journalism, started his own roadshow on NDTV. Similarly a big fraction of media was fighting with Modi, as a political party. However the blog world was much balanced, thanks to "free writing", thanks to people who use their absolute mind while writing.
The present India does not believe in many a thing, its ideologies and mindset are different. The average Indian wants money, he wants having all kind of materialistic happiness, and he wants to win. In the era when personal happiness is most important, people vote for those who can deliver.

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