Sunday, December 2, 2007

Books I could not get

Yesterday I went to IISc (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) to buy some Mathematics book with rigorous treatment of subject matter. The Tata Book House residing inside the campus is famous for range of books in the areas of Science/Technology. Further since IISc is top quality research center of India, it is expected that book store (ofcourse libraries will have all range of books) can be interesting buyer stop. But this time I was very much disappointed as I could not find high end Mathematics book which should be common for such an Institute.
  • No book on algebraic set theory.
  • None of Nicolas Bourbaki's books.
  • No book on Riemannian Geometry/Surface
  • Single book on Calculus of Variation
  • Very few and elementary books on Complex Analysis.
I have no idea why there are so many books on computer programming. Interestingly the book store did not have any book on latest advancements in Computer Science.

Oh! I forgot, power point slides are the way classes are taken these days (my MTech Institute (IIITb) used it like a very serious medium of disseminating knowledge). Great going!

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