Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Wake me up at 1:30 P.M.

I am editing this page on Compaq nc6230 Laptop. I basically save my blogs on my personal laptop, nx5100. The Desktop which I am using have RAM size of 256MB(is called small these days) and pumps so much radiation that ...well, I still have to use it, for many applications even if my eyes cry. Notebooks (yes those real pages) are used only in case of immense "research". E-books are getting very user friendly and there are folks who first publish their e-books and only after the book gets enough popularity, it reaches to publishers house. I think, in next 3-4 years (I will not say 10 years) school students will also get laptop for many of their tasks. Well this again seems to be stupid idea ... but ideas are never stupid, rather their implementation becomes stupid. The cost of computers is decreasing regularly and people are seriously involved in increasing the applicability and usability of computers. Time will tell us how IT has ushered in a new revolution in Human History, till now, enjoy!
Undoubtedly, the most attractive feature of this IT revolution is Internet. Computers do talk! Recently, we all saw google talk getting tightly intertwined with gmail ( This means while you are sending mails to your friends you can talk with him to give indirections about how to illustrate content within the mail. One can save chats (now these chats will be saved on servers, we are occupying more space in cyber world also) and can see all mails corresponding to a given chat sequence grouped together. Good work!!!
But see this killing application ... in messenger services (gtalk, yahoo, msn) you will see the present status of the user. It shows the text you put as status using the modules in messenger sevices. Although in Yahoo! the concentration was mostly on chat, but in gmail this feature has got importance. One cause is, gmail is basically a mail service, so you try to look new messages and "status" is one of them. Well so what type of status I have seen so far :-
  1. Went to the class to sleep
  2. Dont know what I am doing (my own)
  3. Dont disturb me, I am chatting
  4. ....
  5. Wake me up at 1:30 P.M.

The last one made me crazy. Now the matter is that how to awake my friend through Interent ... assuming that I dont wanna give miss call, :-). Can we use for these purposes. This time I dont know the right answer. Will tell you about my findings in some other post. But some pertinent questions are

  1. Can mail services do more for us ?
  2. Whether Internet can take care of finer threads of teaching process that goes in schools/colleges. Can search engines automatically enquire the subject matter tought in class, search for other relevant materials, go for finding exam questions :-( , make online slides for these materials, conduct examinations and many other crazy things.
  3. Can we use internet to model Human beings neuron connections. Can we simulate Internet in such a way that it resembles societies, cultures and their interactions.

I know I am jumping around ideas. Nothing new ... ideas are never stupid ... their implementation are ...


  1. Lovely post and yep,humorous as well.
    Since I'm not much into chatting and stuff so dunno about all that gmail thingie.Thnx for giving me an idea.The next time if I happen to come around with somebody telling me wake him/her up at any given time I'm gonna tell him "I aint your mom".
    What say??


  2. Wake me up at 1:30 P.M

    I have myself seen these, it has all come up after we have started getting internet in our rooms. Generally one guy just wants somebody else who is connected through GTalk to wake them up.

    Not sure why you find it humorous.

  3. Cindrella -- "Yeah sure we can say that aint your mom!". But dont you think what type of great reply these guy will give when we will tell them "aint your mom". They will beat us, :-). Haha ...okay so the solution is ... whenever their status will show above line ... we can pop up a message to their desktop/laptop ..."I aint your mom".

    Iman -- Actually the issue was all about the implementation of this feature using google SDK, one of its component's link I have put in the blog. The issue is ... can we ring desktop remotely (yeah this is possible) through some mail services according to status display. This will help "these" guys a lot.

    Humorous --- I was slightly humorous because of the ways technology can be used.


  4. The issue is ... can we ring desktop remotely (yeah this is possible) through some mail services according to status display

    Actually, that is the way I called up this guy, you just press the "Call" button on the GTalk and that is how this guy got up.

    Also, there are lot of softwares that are availabe to wake up you at specified time and AFAIK, can even come out of standby to wake you up.

  5. 1.Went to the class to sleep
    2.Dont know what I am doing (my own)
    3.Dont disturb me, I am chatting
    5.Wake me up at 1:30 P.M.


    Well what can i say...LOLLING away....rotfl.Bt even i've seen these esp. "Wake me up.."

    Agree wth ur frend Iman...GTalk Call tone is screechy enuf to wake a thousand logs.y do u need SForge?

    Sourceforge...well, sounds different i the least.Don't thnk sourceforge community ever thot of this one though;-)

  6. Whatever be the matter, the tour that technology is providing to us is highly unpredictable.