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Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyaar Ko Pyaar Mila ?

Jaane WOH Kaise Log The Jinke Pyaar Ko Pyaar Mila ?
(How were those people whose love got love ?)
Have you heard this song ? Have you seen this movie -- Pyaasa ? ...Ye Dunia Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hain... Pyaasa comes among Indian classics and the intensity of depiction of thoughts in this film is great. You will go with the flow of film (aha the movie is not parallel to the pace with which movie of our genre move) and will start thinking within your life. The title of this post is from one of the songs of this movie.
In the due course of life we think about career, life, power and many other things. We meet people, talk with them, (people analyze them also) and then we move on ... sometimes with "something" ... thoughts, feelings are the primary one. Amitabh Bachchan was questioned -" Do you need friends". Reply -- "We feel nice when friends are there. But I don't need them. I would not have felt bad if there were no friends with me." You will think that this person does not care about Friends, but, no, the fact is that there is some thing else that drives life, that keeps with you, that is their when you are crying or laughing like mad. And that is, loneliness (tanhayi). Layers of thought embedded in the world of loneliness results in creativity alongwith possibly states like ... happiness, sorrow, taste, distaste ... many things.
Life goes on ....
People leave ....
Thought changes ...
... And then in the immense inner pain of unsuccess ( success of that thing is not visible, its not like that your record sells million copies) you sing ... Jaane WOH Kaise Log The Jinke Pyaar Ko Pyaar Mila ?
Someday you awake ... you find people around you ... you can't remedy your time, you feel the gain, the attraction, is futile, and then everything seems to be in a state of loss. You start feeling that ...
Life is a mystery ...
People leave ... why they are coming back ... when time and state has changed.
Thought ... I don't know their meaning ...
And then you sing ... Ye Dunia Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hain (What would have happend if I would have got this world ?)
Life is a saga of loneliness ... if you accept this idea then you will have to face pain, and if you reject this idea, be prepared, someday you will have to accept this idea.


  1. " Life is a saga of loneliness ..."---->Loved this line.And sure it is.We meet,we fall,we get up and get over...I guess I've said that before in one of my posts prob'ly SU.
    Havent ever watched Pyaasa but have heard a lott rave reviews.Making it a point to see it one day hereby.
    Had heard from somebody it was about male chauvinism.Is it?
    You keep up the good work and keep visiting.

  2. Hi Mukul, came across ur blog through Cinderella's blog! Nice post. I guess life is a journey and u meet a hell lot of people in ur journey. Some love and some hate u. U make frnds and enemies both. Bt i guess thats the excitement of Life is incomplete without them.

  3. hi,

    after reading this post, i felt i shud ask you a question-have u ever wondered why is it that some people are more vulnerable, more sorrowful, more cruelly treated by fate than the rest?
    its because they have hearts that never ceases being sensitive and hence, these people live and experience life in a way nobody else would.
    sad but beautiful, life is for such people.

  4. @cindrella Yes Cindrella I always admire your writings and some of the views that I made have certain overlap with your own. ... I personally like loneliness ...

    @diana Your posts have critical angle. I am reading them since a week. Please keep reading my blog. Yeah life has many ingredients.

    @arunima Yes arunima we are at the best of life when we are cappable of absorbing pains of other people. You are very true in your lines. And when we think according to the lines you have mentioned ... we feel strong ... that yes we are!!!

  5. "No matter what, sometimes the soul does get lonely for companionship rather comradeship. You desperately want someone who will love you for what you are, share most of your views and yet at the same time be the best of friend you could ever have without love ever getting in the way of your friendship" ----->some anonymous guy once left ds as a comment on my blog

    Gues this abt sums up what I think loneliness truly is.

    How do u define it?? I wana kno cos i think that we are talking about different things when we each use the word "lonely"

  6. @Tejaswini(nomad...) Aha, yes, "lonely" has a context dependent meaning. However somewhere I read ... soul is your best "saathi". Whatever be the realm of life ... sometime our soul is the only one who hears us more cleanly.

    Thanks for posting and the comment in your first para. Thanks


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