Thursday, November 29, 2007


Though Cin has some kind of "firebrand" nature of posts, but often they become nice(rich) example of Lolism. Her last post, the Dumb Blond, was not jerky, it was picturesque; it appears surreal though you think a bit, its a complete unadulterated truth. No doubt Keshi, picked the theme with Lara Croft like pace, and now so, the whole Dumbness issue has become academic matter of Girl's world. Spice up yourself. Yesterday (28th), at 3AM when I was cajoling with my laptop, I saw Cin's post, and I was sure the day will have funny moments. So when I entered into coffee room of my office, sipping self made half water - half milk-little sugar with a lot of tea infusions diffusing randomly to create some intelligent order, tea, I found myself as a grand spectator of heatly Cricket discussion. Remember, India has taught me that the easiest way to kill your time is to be in mid of a cricket, politics or SRK-Amitabh-Bollywood discussion. (By the way, such type of Indian philosophy is known to every Indian, and when Shashi Tharoor tried to exemplify this philosophy (in a sense of his grand study), Chandrahas Choudhury in his blog -- The Middle Stage ,has rightly made an intellectual comic of him) . So here goes conversation between two of my company mates (call them A and B):-

A:- I think Sachin should retire, and he should become Indian Coach. (his seriousness reflected as if he is next Gorbachev)
B:-Why do you want to make him Indian coach, he should better remain as a player. (what an idiot person I am talking to)
A:- No for the future of Indian Team, he should retire. (Retire Sachin, Retire ... your every delay is a statement of anti-patriotism).
B:-Hmm... Sachin cannot be a good coach ... you know this AAmmmiiiir,..umm..., In ... Sohaib Malik,..., no player hears him ... (fool, what you are discussing on; there were mixed smiles around his lip corners)
A:-Amm, what do you want to say ...
B:-See Sachin will not be heard by the players. He is not ... (collecting the correct word)
A:-Why he will not be heard? Every body will hear him ... you are comparing Sachin with Sohaib ( B should be instantly guillotined)
B:- He is not authoritative. You know Sourabh Ganguly is the better person.
A:-Sachin is a better person ...
B:-Sourabh was not hearing Sachin when Sachin was captain.
A:-How you know that Sourabh was not hearing Sachin (now this is axiomatic, boy you are stuck)
B:-Sachin was not able to command Sourabh.
B:-Sachin is kinda soft guy.
A:-People like you are stupid, you don't know meaning of your words (tug of war)
B:-You are stupid, you do not know how to discuss.
A:-What has happened to your mental condition ...

So the fight had begun, though, as their discussions were not time bound to company work (how can it be!), I left the place.

Manisha Panday is writing some really good posts in Hindi. The quality of her Hindi Literature assures me that Hindi has great future.


Anton Chekhov's 201 short stories can be read from this place. If you have a lightened soul, you will like them.


  1. **India has taught me that the easiest way to kill your time is to be in mid of a cricket, politics or SRK-Amitabh-Bollywood discussion