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Certain Chaos

The problem of India is that it loves chaos. Whenever there is need of ideas, thoughts and insight; the tendency is to go in all directions, which finally locks the situation. I am talking about reservation. I have been watching this whole issue for last 3 weeks and it seems that no one is in mood to study this whole problem (no one means, people who are in action.) We are living in the time when we don’t give much attention to our thoughts and quickly put the points coming to our mindset.

Considering the current situation of employment, global scenario, it has been hard to think for me that any student revolution will occur in our country. Last time the country saw any student revolution (at such a big level) was during emergency and then before that, during Quit India Movement. The major student fraternity of India is now days suffering from unemployment. Conventional academics, like science and arts, are not getting their importance. Since technical people, somehow get the grip over economic instabilities, so usual focus goes on these people. So, when medicos (from AIIMS, probably their entrance is most competitive) started this whole event, I thought, India does not have sleeping population. Had it been JNU, Presidency Colleges, Allahabad University, I would have wondered for fate of activists from those institutions. Any such confrontation would have been trampled very diplomatically. (Some people may have murmured rusticate these guys, they don’t study, they are full time craps). So media, although have not debated over reservation issue much potentially, have put news that our "best" students, IITians, medicos ... are on fire. Well, the whole movement started and gradually students across country participated. Thanks to blogs, these events got proper sync. I know blogs are the next biggest thing in the field of literature. Let see...

Now there comes the point of reservation. I have suffered setback due to reservation, almost, 2-3 times in my whole career. In fact, more than reservation, corruption had been major cause of the trauma. The Indian society is highly fragmented, and the notion of caste, religion is very old. When the society lends reservation based on these issues, democracy and its constraints only accelerates divergence from central point. True it is that a socially fragmented society needs different treatment at different levels, but so far our study tells us that it has created only a second order of mind set. Reservation may be one of the solutions to make society appear homogenous, but surely it is not “the” solution. I think the better solution have been to provide free education to children of India, with the prerequisite that standards should be high, equal and yes very competitive. Competition has its own problems, but human race gains from it. I think, it is one of the pillars of social movement. For now, this is the only, stable solution that comes to my mind.

I have nothing to tell about the agitation and involving politics. Arjun Singh (Mandal II) and VP Singh (Mandal I) became self proclaimed chariots of social engineering wave. Also, the whole reservation issue concentrated about so called elite colleges. Frankly speaking none of these elite institutes and industry (e.g. IT) were able to solve problems of normal Indian in a broader perspective. If they have done something then it is the eventual economic divide and social detachments. I will be happy if something is done in a fundamental way.


  1. Holy smokes...a new post !!
    Kudos Reeteshji !!

    Neway this time your post makes absolute sense to me.Doesnt it look like the entire thing is just a political gimmick??

    Uninfluenced competition is only way of ant country's complete prosperity.
    Why are they ignoring the what the statistics have to say??
    Cant they see the seats that are already under resrvation go half-empty every year??

    Some democracy !!

  2. @cin -- Yes Cindrella. In fact the whole situation is not handled with any deep thought ... We shall overcome someday!

  3. reservation.nice to read ur blog n its very pleasant to know that students apart 4m aiims are also concerned with this topic or topic turned issue.its now more than 50 years of our independence n we r still thinking about reservation.the whole scenario is just like we r solving a problem without knowing what is the problem exactly.let me explain some more points.our society claims that we r democratics n the basic definition of democracy is equality.then y we people r dividing ourself on the basis of reservation or mr arjun singh wants to prove that after doing mbbs an obc cant fight with a general candidate in medical p.g entrance.our society is bifurcated into caste race religion.our problem is very big so we should work on the grassroot level.before solving one should know what is the problem exactly.the biggest problem is population or poverty or unemployment or ....?no i dont think these r biggest problem.shocked.the only one problem is "lack of will".n this problem is universal n u can find this one in every indian.there r lotts of scheme like midday meal n many other like this.but what about there implications?there should b special provisions by our government 4 sc sts n obcs who have been victim of injustice.the solution lies in providing education 4 all without discrimination in rural areas.because india lies in villages not in aiims iit iim or in parliament.y we r selfconcerned???

  4. @anon -- I totally agree with you. Our biggest problem is lack of "will". This is a country where implementation of basic solutions takes so much time, that whole generation sees complete chaos.

  5. thank you hai ji..aap aaye blog hamare yeh khuda ki kudrad hai..kabhi aapko kabhi apne blog ko dekhten hai..:-)


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