Tuesday, October 18, 2005

91FM and VividhBharti

FM has revolutionized its importance. I remember those days when my mother used to tune in RADIO solely for the purpose of BBC Hindi and people felt this slightly out of date. But gradually over last 4-5 years the RADIO world has changed and you will find mini (micro) radio sets very common.
In my childhood days I used to watch those part of movies which had lot of fight scenes. I simply disliked usual scenes and long conversations were simply bore. Then with time I got interested in VividhBharti which means to me complete melody. The most pleasant time hour in my undergraduate college, BIT Sindri, were sitting on my chair, doing something and hearing those eternal songs. I really salute people at VividhBharti for their great work. When I came here in IIITb, I found many things to entertain me. One is obviously my dearsome laptop with almost every time net connectivity and thus eventual connection to music webistes. However again the RADIO object got my attention and again it meant sole entertainment for me. For sometime I started watching TV but then again it is not my cup of tea. TV is very hard to handle considering the way they want to entertain you. However this time my RADIO companion is not only VividhBharti but 91FM also. Still VividhBharti has edge in mine perspective as the songs and the presentation makes my soul feel enlightened. FM is also good but ROSHAN is no longer anchoring on RADIO FM here in Bangalore and rest anchors do not appear so closer to ones domain of thought. They are good, but their emphasis is certainly less than VividhBharti.
Anyway one cause of writing this note was because of one of the VividhBharti program which broadcasted all of my favourite songs today. Government, please never privatise VividhBharti.


  1. Hi Mukul,
    Indeed Vividh Bharti is something very integral to my life since last one year . I have childhood memories of it , but gradually when I grew up , Radio lost significance & in the free time all of us were glued to the T.V.
    In B.I.T. ,T.V. also lost its significance ,as the age old set had only one channel and one color(incidentally the red one ----may be there was some problem with the picture tube ) to show . our greatest pass time was gossiping .I still remember ,sometimes we (my friend & I) used to spend the whole day just sitting in the room & chatting .
    After college the initial days of Jamshedpur really made me too lonely ; I remember a few lines

    " in dukanon main nahin milte ,jin khilono se dil behal jaaye ;
    itna aadi akelepan ka hoon ,apni maujoodagi bhi khal jaaye "

    So it was main aur meri tanahai ; but then gradually i made a few friends ; and one of my best friends became my music system,apart from lisening to cd and cassattes I really have developed the habit of listening to Vividh Bharati , 10-11pm is my favourite time , I befriended it too late but now I find it one of the best companions of my solitude .